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Review on Euromoney Magazine by sa c

Newspaper with many good features: Euromoney

Sealmlar for everyone, today I will share with you my review of Euromoney Magazine, which is one of the previous projects of the week for you Revain users. I was reading the Euromoney Magazine newspaper about 1 year ago for 2 or 3 months and I share my knowledge and experience from that period with you.

The Euromoney newspaper is a newspaper that was first published and shared in 1969 by Sir Patrick Sergeant 52 years ago. This newspaper, which has been serving continuously and actively for 52 years since 1969, still maintains its popularity and thus, the number of users is increasing day by day.

In fact, the special polls they publish annually are an addition to the popularity of Euromoney newspaper. Because these surveys are popularized and spread around the world, especially among people who are interested in economy.

Sample surveys are as follows;

Euromoney Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey

Euromoney FX Survey

Euromoney Awards for Excellence

Euromoney Cash Management Survey

In this way, approximately 24 surveys are conducted a year like this and all of them are of great interest.

Although it is a newspaper that I am not interested in, Euromoney is still a newspaper that I know is popular and used frequently.

Pros & cons

  • It is an active and continuously serving newspaper for 52 years.
  • It is a newspaper that is followed with great interest by those who love economics in the international arena.
  • Winners are awarded with annual surveys.
  • It has not been the most popular newspaper among other economy newspapers.