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Review on Barclays by Steven Gray

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Barclays bank is a major British financial institution and investment bank, headquartered in London. It is one of the six founding members of the London Financial Dealers Association. Apart from investment banking, Barclays has several other activities including corporate finance, private banking, commercial lending, and wealthy market (gifts) advisory. Besides, it also has an international sister organization called the Bloomsbury Group, which is dedicated to providing financial advisory and wealth management services. The total assets under the management of Barclays are approximately $1.6 billion. As far as its fees are concerned, they are not very high considering the large size of its assets and number of its clients.
One of the main attractions of dealing with this bank is that it has very flexible fee structures for its various products. Some of its fee structures include: Balance Transfer Match Fee, Base Source Fee, Confirmation Fee, Estate Agent's Fee, Managed Account Fee, Neteller's Fee, Purse & PLC Fee, Store & Forwarding Arrangement Fee, and Transaction Arrangement fee. All these fees are levied once you make a transaction through your Barclays bank account and it is calculated on the balance of your credit card or debit card balance or on the outstanding balance of your individual loans or any other Barclays financial products such as cheques, credit cards, mortgages, and negotiable instruments. Generally, each fee type has its own fixed term; the longer the term, the higher the fee will be.
Balance transfers are processed and funded via the same payment channel, namely through the electronic payments gateway provided by Barclays. Your balance in your Barclays bank account will be transferred after approval by us. You can view all the charges incurred on your account and the fee structure by logging onto the portal provided by Barclays. All these charges and fees will be clearly mentioned on the payment receipts you receive.

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