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Review on PayPal by Aman Arora

Paypal Trusted and Reliable Payment Processor for global and local use

Paypal was founded in 1998 for making and receiving payments through electronic funds in USA. Its popularity and success contributed to global acceptance for making payments and transfers in local currency direct to bank account. It has been more than 2 decades and a userbase of over 28 Millions who uses paypal for sending and making payments online. Paypal is still the best solution for on store integration for making subscriptions and recurring payments.

Paypal anti fraud policies and protection makes it the most widely used payment procesor worldwide. Beside using it for individual payments it has been used for commercial use as well. You can easily set up a business account with Paypal holdings and start using paypal for your business. Payments sent from your account is secured and paypal has complete protection against any unauthorized payment made by your account or card. Paypal Local helplines provide solution to every query and problems faced.

Paypal is still most preferred method worldwide for making payments instead of Visa or any other Card as you can easily cancel subscription and recurring payments when you want and also can open dispute for not receiving the services you pay for. Paypal is doing its best for making its availabilty to anywhere around the world but still there are regions where paypal has not managed to provide its services. Only issue while using paypal is high fees for receiving funds to bank and inability to send payments through paypal to local residents.

Pros & cons

  • Easy to use payment processor for sending and receiving funds in local currency
  • Minimal documentation for individual and Business setup
  • Anti fraud policies to protect funds spend
  • Filter spam payments with Paypal integration on Checkout
  • Local helplines for onspot solutions and help to locate transactions
  • High fees and delay in receiving funds after making transfersnto bank
  • Imability to send funds to local residents