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Review on Genius Assets by Emma Surpan

Revainrating 5 out of 5

let me introduce you the Genius assets platform!

Naturally, any successful enterprise in this field has to form a crucial strategic alliance. Genius Assets is no exception, and the team will be glad to collaborate with Chain Link later this year and in the early months of 2023. CCIP technology will also be helpful since Genius Assets may host its offline (actual data) on the blockchain using a data validation approach.

In terms of previous successes, the team has successfully switched from a white label platform to a platform that was created in-house and has automated procedures. Additionally, they had no issues posting their first project for fractional ownership on the site.

The Genius team's objectives for the upcoming year include implementing a staking programme, selling the equity project, gaining institutional clients, and listing their utility token on a number of trustworthy centralised and decentralised exchanges.

  • The possibility of investing with a better view on the possibilities of projects
  • High website loading speed
  • Relatively easy registration
  • new approach to use its platform to produce passive revenue.
  • no cons

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