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Review on ASU Venture Devils by Jorge Hernández

empowering entrepreneurial followers of ASU

Current economic systems comprise a series of actors and are influenced by multiple variables that can be favorable or unfavorable for the success of companies, and especially for those that are just starting commercial operations in the market with the introduction of products and services.

In this sense, the support of organizations that offer acceleration and promotion programs for new companies and entrepreneurs plays a fundamental role.

ASU Venture Devils is one of these support organizations whose purpose is to serve as a financial and logistics incubator for the ventures of the founders and staff attached to ASU.

What is the program offered by ASU Venture Devils?

Venture Devils offers training, conditioned physical space and financial support to developing companies to ensure that the articles and services offered by them can capture the attention of the market.

In this sense, it promotes in entrepreneurs the development of marketing strategies and product promotion, through training by mentors and experts.

The training program implemented by ASU Venture Devils pursues the comprehensive training of entrepreneurs trained to take on the challenges that companies must face in the market in order to stabilize and maintain themselves successfully.

Thanks to this training program, entrepreneurs are trained to:

 Reporting that includes analysis of data and facts that are required for the successful management of a business.

 Leadership management and professionalism in the administration of a company

 Development and implementation of skills for business formation

Pros & cons

  • Create a reliable link between entrepreneurs and mentors of the foundation
  • Supports the gestation of companies by monitoring their evolution
  • Offers initial capital contribution to companies in formation
  • Promote through mentors and founders the promotion of articles and services of emerging companies in the market
  • Exclusive for founders or ASU students