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Review on Due by Josh Bellz

An option for all.

Due is payment channel that allows you to receive money and also send money to other people in your own convenience, giving you total control over your financial account. Due is very known amongst the working class people because it doesn't only allows them to send or receive money but to also save money down for future purpose and their retirement. Many people have adopted the use of Due electronic payment channel to prepare a blissful retirement for themselves in years to come by simply Saving up a certain percentage of their total income each month consecutively making Due more of an electronic and software financial services provider.
All your transaction are keep secured and hidden from all intruders to ensure maximal safety of your account and to also prevent anyone from having access over your Due account. Due has been in limelight for almost 6 years and it has also been doing well as a payment gateway even though it is not as popular as PayPal,Skrill and other renown payment systems.

Pros & cons

  • It has a fast payment services
  • Payments are secured
  • Allows every worker save up for their retirement
  • Not as popular as PayPal