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Review on PaySimple by Jose Palma

PaySimple, a reliable payment system, provides good business, customer and payment management tools.

PaySimple, based on a project aimed at online payments, is a well-developed platform that offers the necessary tools for payment management, business administration, product payment, billing scheduling, offering solutions and supporting credit cards. PaySimple, provides innovation in business management, as it has a mobile application platform for accepting payments, thus allowing good solutions in business at any time and place, this application is well developed interface design, provides security in your system, is accessible from any device and monthly payments for the use of their services is economical. Another feature is that it allows easy configuration of payment method, so you can use credit cards and ACH, with payment processing services with low fees, PaySimple actually provides good access to its platform, has adequate support, innovates the way of payments, provides point of sales software, streamlines and automates payments in business.

Pros & cons

  • It innovates business and the sale of items or products, involving the receipt of payments with an advanced online system that allows to accept quick payments from customers.
  • It has mobile application that has good tool for billing, customer management, manage the business easily and from anywhere, likewise the application maintains performance and security.
  • Good connectivity with credit cards and ACH.
  • It provides a breakthrough among businesses, and digital payment strategies.
  • The payment platform does not operate with cryptocurrencies.