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About Bethnal Green Ventures

Bethnal Green Ventures (BGV) is Europe’s leading early stage VC in tech for good.BGV invests in ambitious teams using technology to tackle pressing social and environmental challenges, helping them launch and scale their businesses through their flagship Tech for Good programme and providing opportunities for follow-on funding and life-long support. Since 2012, BGV invested in over 120 businesses, of which more than half are still active, successfully blending purpose with profit, tackling 15 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.Bethnal Green Ventures is a certified BCorp based in London, fuelling the maturing movement of Tech for Good.

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Review the leading company.

Speaking of Bethnal Green Ventures, very well-ventured venture capital funds are accelerators. This company is one of the leading VS companies in Europe. So I think this company is investing in a…See more

A versatile company

Bethnal Green Ventures is a European-based organization that believes in the use of future technology for the benefit of humanity and supports such initiatives. Bethnal Green Ventures believes that…See more

BGV is the best..

BGV Is an acceleration company that has a positive impact on enterprise life because it focuses on supporting technological projects that are beneficial to social and environmental life. It also…See more

Bethnal Green Ventures

Founded in 2012 and over an eight-year period, the BGV has accelerated and supported more than 150 start-ups and start-ups, achieved many global successes and achieved a prestigious position at the…See more

It is a very successful platform for technological initiatives.

Bethnal Green Ventures is an entrepreneurship platform and service accelerator that emerged approximately 11 years ago. The aim of this accelerator is to invest and support founders who have an idea…See more

Bethnal Green Ventures: BGV offers financing to ventures that provide a palliative to address social and environmental problems.

Globalization and accelerated technological advances have brought additional problems to underdeveloped and developing countries, The developed and powerful countries have increased the gap and…See more

Review On Bethnal Green Venture

Bethnal Green Ventures (BGV) is a licensed and regulated accelerator company that came into existence in 2012 from Europe. It believes that technology can be use to provide solution to social and…See more

Review on BGV by Umut Y.

e BGV is a supportive company and a group of investors and Technology Pioneers based in Europe, which strengthens projects that are in the initial stages to make them provide good income, supports…See more

My review about Bethnal Green Ventures

Hello to everyone. Today I will be writing about Bethnal Green Ventures (BGV). BGV was established in 2010. To apply for this accelerator, you must first be ambitious in your job. You must also have…See more

BGV aids startups that provides technical solution to social and environmental issues

Bethnal green ventures (BGV) is an accelerator project that focusses on the development startups that provides tech based solutions to social and environmental problems. As a matter of fact, there…See more