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About European Investment Bank

European Investment Bank (EIB) provides lending, borrowing, and treasury services primarily in the European Union.The company offers project loans for the public and private sectors; loans to banks and other intermediaries; structured finance products; guarantees and securitization instruments for senior and subordinated debts; project bonds; equity and fund investment products such as infrastructure equity and debt funds, and environmental funds; and venture capital funds and security packages for funds.The company also offers microfinance; risk sharing finance for research, development, and innovation projects; finance and technical expertise for sustainable energy projects; infrastructure project advisory services; support for urban development projects; guarantees for transport infrastructure; and funding for public-private partnerships and small- and medium-sized enterprises.EIB serves the transportation, global loans, energy, industry, health, education, water, sewerage, infrastructure, services, telecommunications, agriculture, and fisheries sectors.European Investment Bank was founded in 1958 and is based in Luxembourg.

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