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Frost King CF55 Natural 12 Inch Review




Revainrating 5 out of 5  
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Description of Frost King CF55 Natural 12 Inch

Insulates, cushions, and reduces vibrations on heating and AC ducts. Safe alternative - no gloves, face Mask, or goggles needed. Class a fire rating. Provides maximum insulating power. Easy installation.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Used to insulate a stove

I was looking for inexpensive insulation to insulate a stove. I didn't want to use fiberglass insulation as the fiberglass could end up in the beer. I didn't want to use bubble wrap because of the 150 degree temperature in the cooker. Rated for 160 degrees, this insulation is made from cotton with an aluminum backing so there are no melting issues. I laid the insulation back to back (cotton side to cotton side) and used aluminum tape to tape the front and back together. Worked great. Keeps my…

  • Easy install
  • Not sure

I took some of these from a recommendation I saw online somewhere to isolate a standing air conditioner which has a hose leading to the window outlet. The hose gives off so much heat after it's been working hard for a while that it just heats up all the good stuff the air conditioner was doing in the first place. However, this stuff wrapped around the hose and windows has resulted in me and my roommates now being sweaty and often sitting under blankets. I should mention that I installed new…

  • Isolates, dampens and reduces vibration in heating and air conditioning ducts
  • Non automatic

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Duct isolation is now easier than ever.

I recently discovered denim cotton fiber insulation that doesn't itch and is so easy to work with. No gloves or dust mask are required, making duct installation much faster and more enjoyable. I received this product as I was quite dissatisfied with the issues encountered when working with a generic fiberglass product earlier this year. This material is really a game changer due to its ease of installation despite being more expensive. As the cost becomes more efficient compared to fiberglass…

  • Flame Retardant Class A
  • Expensive