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Very good

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Description of πŸ”¨ PC Woody Petrifier with Hardening Properties

8 oz PC-Petrifier water-based wood hardener with 6 oz PC-Woody wood repair in a convenient bundle for all wood repair projects. Use PC-Petrifier liquid wood hardener to strengthen seal and harden deteriorating wood. PC-Petrifier will penetrate deep into decaying wood to restore window sills frames beams columns and trim. After repairing wood damage with PC-Petrifier use PC-Woody two-part epoxy paste to replace and fill damaged wood. PC-Woody fills gaps in wood window sills frames doors rails and can be painted stained and machined after fully cured.


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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Stronger than wood?

"There was a big hole in my sundeck (see photo)." Either the wood had to be replaced or the hole had to be properly filled. I applied 2 coats of hardener first and waited overnight. I ordered 2 smaller cans but needed more to complete the job. The epoxy paste is very thick but is easy to roll up and mix with the two-part resin and hardener. First I screwed the wire mesh under the hole since the deck is 2 stories up. Epoxy resin is easy to apply with a simple spatula and is very easy to work…

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This product is great for specific jobs with one caveat. It takes 12 hours (at 72F or so) to cure sufficiently to sand and 24 hours to fully cure (although you can paint it fully cured since it doesn't need to be vaporized). But if you're used to Bondo, which sets in minutes and therefore doesn't take any extra time for your work, PC Woody adds an extra full day. However, it breathes with the wood so it doesn't come loose like Bondo. And one more advantage over Bondo - it doesn't smell. And of…

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This is the second time I've used this product to stabilize and reinforce rotting wood. We're die-hard RV enthusiasts, and no matter what the manufacturers tell you, the wood base in even the most expensive RVs isn't even Oriented Strand Board, it's pressed wood. Regardless of how well these RVs are built, if not caught and dried promptly, water can seep into the subfloor and the wood will begin to rot and become spongy, which can result in the floor not holding up. I used this product for the…

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