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Smartphone Nubia Z11 6/64GB Review




Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Smartphone Nubia Z11 6/64GB

screen diagonal: 5.50", number of main cameras: 1, memory: 64 GB, RAM: 6 GB, battery capacity: 3000 mAh, screen resolution: 1920 × 1080, NFC, 4G LTE, memory card slot, announcement year : 2016


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Very cool phone price = quality! I myself have the same one at the moment, but . I have to sell it (and not get rid of it) because I need money! if anyone needs for 20,000 we can agree, I'll throw off a little more even.

  • 1. Powerful: 6\64. 2. Cool and stylish. 3. If your hands are in the right place and you know how to set up the camera, then it takes a photo no worse than an expensive SLR camera, when compared with an iPhone, then the iPhone loses to it. 4. The charge holds well. 5. Everything works perfectly smoothly. 6. Cool sound in headphones. 7. A lot of different fillings 8. build quality, nothing backlash and nothing creaks! 9. NOT heated!
  • They just don't exist!

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The product is of poor quality, I do not advise.

The firmware ruins everything, don’t take it. G. Get tired of setting up and the point of filling the device is zero in the end, support doesn’t give a damn about users, there is no normal firmware, and without it the phone is just a bunch of pieces of iron, not recommended for purchase !

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I'm impressed! Exactly the product deserves your attention.

Don’t read what they write here, the phone is the best. There are no problems with the new firmware 2.02. After xiaomi mi5 mi5s, I can say that it’s definitely worth taking. Got pros: Excellent sits even in one hand, excellent sound both in the speaker and in the headphones. The fingerprint scanner works 100 out of 100. The camera is above all praise. Choose for yourself Either the 2nd SIM or memory card. Internet 1.5-2 days. Android PAY works. Assembly at the highest level. I bought this…

Has pros: Camera, screen, sound (headphones and external speaker), hardware, assembly. Has cons: Standard OS (there was the last off ate 3.05 (7.1.1)) the life of this device only on RR OS 5.8.5 (maximum: optimization, customization, autonomy, stability, work of the flagship is felt)

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The quality exceeds all expectations, I recommend to buy.

In general, the model is very good, it lies pleasantly in the hand, I am satisfied with the purchase, it just takes a little longer to set up. USB Type-C is really convenient, and an adapter is included in the kit. So far, one more minus can be noted - the usual Z11 is almost absent on the 2022 market, which is why it is tight with covers and protective glasses. Its pros: - Frameless screen -Fingerprint scanner is conveniently located and responds very quickly, does not work by mistake…

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Overall good, but expected more.

The main problem with this smartphone is the Android pseudo operating system. For example, in normal operating systems, reducing power consumption is achieved by optimizing the program code, for android developers this task is too complicated, so the system simply kills processes in memory. Because of this, notifications of mail, messages, forums, etc. come using the random number method. come at all. Freezing doesn't help. The battery discharge when working with the camera is simply…

  • Solid assembly Specifications at a high level Relatively compact size for such a diagonal Frameless screen Price
  • Everything described for the European firmware 12022. -no notifications from vibera and the like - inconvenient functions on the control buttons - strong battery consumption - a separate sound chip does not provide much advantage -very few accessories

For those who want something not like everyone else (xiaomi, samsa, iPhones, etc.). The phone is awesome. I like support (ates arrive by air - everything is ok). I chose between Xiaomi mi5 and S7edge (xiaomi is cheaper, samsa is more expensive). ZTE is cooler than Xiaomi in many ways. Almost falls short of samsa (IMHO) But this is also reflected in the price. You can safely take it - everything works out of the box. You won't have to dance with a tambourine (even when delivered from…

  • I have been using since September 2022. The screen without frames + some kind of velvety to the touch - it's nice. functional ribs. Lots of settings that you can customize. Official sound. Good camera (but worse than on S7 edge) Screen 5.5, but due to the lack of frames on the sides - you can use one hand without any problems. Fast charging. Slim, stylish (I have black with gold)
  • Battery (firmware version 12022) If you watch a couple of films during the day, you need to put it on charge at 6 pm. In normal use (calls, Internet, a little navigator, always-on bluetooth and Wi-Fi), there is enough for a day. I practically don’t play games (only chess - rarely)

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Performs its functions, nothing unusual.

In general, although powerful in terms of hardware, the phone is crude in optimization. Constant battery drain, OS glitches, sadness of Chinese developers in general. Different pros: Large bright screen 5.5 without frames, you can watch movies on the trip without much discomfort. It looks stylish if the color is gold. Quite productive, you can play different powerful toys if you want. Has cons: It mercilessly eats the battery, as if I constantly play crysis at maximum speed. Unfinished and…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best thing for the money, glad I did it.

I came across this device by accident and never regretted buying it. More than justifies its price tag. It’s a pity only with accessories the problem is, even on aliexpress the choice is very meager, but this hardly applies to the minuses of the device. Has some pros: 1. Sound. (I took it just for this) 2. Iron 3. Camera 4. Screen 5. Other goodies: NFC, IR port, etc. 6. Battery Its cons: For 3 months of active use for myself, I revealed the following shortcomings: 1. Lack of network mode Only…

Quite suitable apparatus compared it with ZTE Axon, but it seemed very big to take nubia Different pros: The camera is great Headphone sound divine Top notch performance Internal memory of 64 GB is enough for everything, even to keep a few films in stock in good quality in case of a long trip, for example Loud, clear multimedia speaker with little bass Frameless clear screen - people stare) Its cons: Not the most feature rich settings menu Maybe only I have a little clumsy firmware, this is…

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The product is working, I will not repeat it for sure.

For the current money - you can think about buying. I pointed out the cons. I do not intend to buy the next device from this company. Got pros: The amount of RAM and a good percentage The screen is not bad. Finger. Sound +/-, does not reach the level of the first mi note, but bearable, still a dedicated DAC. Even if it's mediocre. NFC IR port (sometimes needed) Its cons: NFC does not work through the back cover! You have to apply the screen. I'm generally silent about the situation in the case.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A great option for this money, one of the best offers.

I have the Coffe Gold version 6/128. In general, the device suits. He replaced Pantech Vega Iron for me. The same iron and unusual, but less convenient in terms of size. In general, I can’t really say anything bad about Nubia. The color is beautiful, the memory shaft is excellent, the screen is excellent, the cameras are quite normal. The size is also not huge, although the screen is large. The controversial moment of the software as a whole. The automatic brightness adjustment works too…

  • A huge amount of memory, both permanent and operational. Very good screen. Stylish design. Excellent sound of the speakers (do not wheeze, do not squeal with an incoming call). Very good reception, there are almost no places where there is no connection at all (metro does not count), at least you can call if there is no Internet. While it was new (the first 8-10 months) it held a charge perfectly. The glass is of high quality, it has not been damaged in a year, although it was not handled carefully.
  • A type-C connector, a good wire costs money, and cheap ones will not allow you to quickly charge your phone and will get very hot. Like all Chinese with 2.5D glass, they are doomed to a broken screen with crooked hands. There is a protective glass, but it covers only the flat part of the screen, leaving the edges open to all winds, and when falling on the edge. there is a chance that the native glass will turn into dust, as it was with the Z11 max. Without a cover, the back panel is very scratched, I don’t know about other colors, but a cover is required for coffe Gold. Although it greatly spoils the view, in general, silicone saves. Almost a year after the purchase, it began to be weird: it slows down, slows down, there are no ates, except for the very first one. The battery, apparently dipped, now holds the day with difficulty, but still holds. The last 10% can be eaten in 10 minutes. Absolutely unrepairable. from the word at all. It is possible to disassemble this device without damaging the case or screen only with great difficulty, and there is no spare part at all.