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Split system Samsung AR09TQHQAURNER/AR09TQHQAURXER, white Review




Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Split system Samsung AR09TQHQAURNER/AR09TQHQAURXER, white

Quickly and effectively cools the air in the room. In quick cooling mode, the fan runs at maximum speed, after which the fan speed is reduced. As a result, the air in the room cools or heats up faster than in normal mode and the desired temperature is reached in the shortest possible time. This allows you to quickly feel relief after being exposed to high temperatures outdoors.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

I'm very happy with the product, it's very satisfying.

The only minus is the delivery service, in the order at checkout it was written that the lift is free. BUT, as a result, it’s free only when taking the elevator, which we didn’t have, in the end, I, a fragile girl, remained standing with the child at the entrance and waited for a long time for help in the face of a neighbor who dragged him.

  • The air conditioner was purchased at a good discount, thanks to the seller. The color is white glossy, it came up to the kitchen. In the reviews they read that it was noisy, it didn’t seem so to us, they turned it on several times, the noise was not annoying, so we had an old one, of another company, it just rumbled, but you can’t hear it, you can’t hear anything outside the window either. So far I'm happy with it and hope it lasts a long time. It cools the kitchen of 16 square meters perfectly and quickly, there is enough cooling even for the corridor.
  • The inner curtains need to be turned by hand, but they immediately set them up and use them.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am amazed at how well the product is made, just magically!

swift delivery. The package is of a good quality. Thank you to the courier for delivering everything right to the flat; I didn't have to carry anything myself.

  • Copper tubing, cable, and other installation-related materials are available.
  • I have not yet located it.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The goods are normal, money is not wasted!

from hotelok - it would be nice to show the temperature inside and outside, time and humidity Its pros: Set it to auto, turn it on and forget it. works well - just the way I like it Got cons: so far everything is fine, but half a year has not even passed yet

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Not a bad purchase, worth the money.

I do not recommend buying through the market because they do not have information. I bought it directly from the seller, the result: the equipment is complete, delivery from Hong Kong to Hong Kong at the price of a 'bottle of red'))), with a complete set, the installation is 5r, it works quietly , but scary. nine is enough with a margin of 50 m

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I was surprised by the quality for this price.

There are automatic up and down adjustment modes, as well as a manual mode for directing the air flow to the right or left (but I did not use it). Has pros: Works great for the money. Not loud indoor and outdoor units. Included is a holder for the remote control on the wall. With its cons: It cools rather weakly if it is more than 35 degrees outside the window - especially if you turn on the fast mode - the radiator in the indoor unit does not have time to cool much and works more like a fan…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product, the best quality.

Arrived on time, 100% complete. I will add a comment after installation. The first impression is good, if it works, as the happy owners of this unit wrote, then the purchase is good and the price is excellent.

  • Kit 100%. Packed for five

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The product is of poor quality, I do not advise.

I purchased a split system because of the pricing, but after installation the indoor unit started to hum. The installers claimed that the transformer was buzzing and needed to be replaced. I went to the support chat and was told to take it off and send it back. At least they are aware that 5000 will be installed, 2022 will be used for deconstruction, and 5000 will be installed once more when the new conder arrives. And overall, it ends up costing more than buying it from a store. Calling the…

  • less expensive than at a store
  • There is no promise.

I took it a week ago, because it's the season now, it cost me a lot. In terms of noise: the indoor unit does not hold together, does not crack, the fan operation is uniform, but it is not quite quiet and it is not very convenient to fall asleep under it (even in night mode) I don’t pay attention during the day. The external unit is similar, not silent, but not very loud either. My house is next to the road, and it drowns out the sound of the external unit (so this is not critical for me) Bottom

  • Does not crack, does not hold together, does not buzz the indoor unit, looks good.
  • If you put it in the bedroom, then it is not silent.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best thing I've ever used, a great item for everyone!

Normal and quiet air conditioning. There are no complaints. At the first speed, the fan is barely audible, at the second it is a little louder. Even at maximum speed, it works no louder than a regular household fan. If you open the window, then you can hear the rumbling of the external unit. The air conditioner is made in China at the factory of the Chinese manufacturer of household appliances Midea. Of course, this air conditioner has nothing to do with Samsung, inside is a standard Midea air

  • Quiet operation Larger radiator Good quality plastic, nothing "shoots" and does not emit any cod. The possibility of directing the air jet strictly horizontally (I do not like it when a jet of cold air "hit" the body) Illuminated console.
  • The electric cord is not the longest. This is true for those who have a far outlet. Energy class B

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The product is absolutely worthless, don't buy it.

After connecting, it rumbles and vibrates terribly. I tried to contact Samsung on the hotline, to which I was told that "there are no (!) specialists in air conditioners in Hong Kong, dismantle and send to the seller (in another city)". Is this normal? Well, this is not a phone or a tablet there, everything is walled up in the wall. I dismantled it (at my own expense, of course) and sent it to the seller, now I'm waiting for what he will say. Initially, the choice of the Samsung brand was not…

  • Looks good
  • Samsung technical support, or rather the lack of it. at all

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Not a bad purchase, worth the money.

SMS is the only brand of equipment that has not broken for me for years, and even decades. Bosch, Ariston - two years into repair, then one will fly then the other. I already avoid these brands. Perhaps this is a special case, I will not insist.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The item is of good quality, there is only one minor defect.

Has some pros: Cool as it should Pleasant enough auto mode, which is not often seen in this price segment Quiet, works at night does not interfere Has cons: Thick. Yes, it is written in the characteristics, but from the photo it seemed that it was thin and neat. It's actually quite a thick box.

Has pros: Quiet, efficient air conditioning for sane money, worked almost all summer without problems. There is a night mode, almost inaudible. Has some cons: Low-frequency rumble and vibration on the wall. The monolithic wall is lined with brick, but when the air conditioner is running, a hum is heard at a low frequency.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great value for money, one of the best offers.

Normal, budget condo. I bought it for an insulated gazebo with a large glazing area. In principle, it cools normally, the gazebo is 21 meters. Noisy like everyone else, any fan makes noise. I like that the mounting hardware is included. I hung it myself, and pumped out the vacuum and launched a friend of mine for 1000 (whoever understands with his hands).

  • The kit includes an interconnect wire, a drain hose, flared tubes with nuts 4 meters long (did not measure).
  • Did not reveal

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Disappointed with the purchase, useless products.

I bought a split, fell for the price, after installation there was a hum of the indoor unit, the installers said that this transformer was buzzing and it needed to be changed, I wrote to the support chat, they said take it off and make a return. They at least understand that the installation is 5000, then the dismantling is 2022, then when the new conder arrives again, the installation of 5000. And in total it comes out more expensive than in the store. Isn’t it easier to call the warranty…

  • Cheaper than in the store
  • There is no guarantee

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The quality is fine, it's fine to use.

All the pluses block the block, which is very noisy. When the compressor is turned on, even with plastic windows, there is a low-frequency hum that can be heard through the wall. The sashes are manually adjustable only up and down. The rest of the air conditioning is air conditioning. It works, it freezes. If it weren't for the rumble, there would be a strong five.

  • Price, appearance.
  • Block noise. Few sash adjustments.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

No complaints, I recommend to buy.

In principle, it was taken only for the cooling function in the summer. Works great with this feature. But the price for such a simple device in terms of functionality seems too high to me. The overpayment is only for the brand. Assembly at the Midea factory. I took it at the beginning of spring, it cost less than the Kentatsu air conditioners assembled at the same Mideya factory. Now that Kentatsu has fallen in price more than Samsung, I would take Kentatsu. Everything is the same, only…

  • - Cools pretty well - Excellent kit, there is everything for installation. - Remote control with backlight - the outdoor unit is huge, which means it will cope well with heat dissipation. - there is a wall pocket for the remote control. - It seems to be a relatively quiet indoor unit, there is no mechanical noise, there is only air noise, but not very annoying. But this is during the day, at night overhead at first speed, I probably would not have left it on.
  • - Unlike competitors, the speeds are not enough, only three. - the horizontal strips of air flow distribution of the indoor unit, it seems to me, do not do their job very well. I moved them as much as possible to the left, so that the air flow went to the center of the room, but most of it still flies in a straight line. - the remote control is simple and blunt. - the external unit, even with dampers, vibrates quite noticeably against the wall. - when expelled, it does not continue to turn the drum for self-draining, so that condensate does not remain and mold does not form. After it has worked, it is necessary to turn it on for 5 minutes in the breeze mode. Now all similar competitors have been doing this for a long time as a matter of course.