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Review on Coinomi by Stephen Toluwani

This wallet suits Newbies, but they need to be Oriented on it's Usage first.

From my research into the Coinomi wallet, I discovered that it is as old as 2014 which is probably why it's User Interface is still very shabby for a Crypto wallet design. Many new users who intend going into Crypto usually takes the UI designs into consideration so that they will be able to operate the wallet well without making costly mistakes, even I being a long time user of cryptocurrencies, it was hard for me to wrap my head around the wallet. Its UI designs is the major cause to this difficulty. When I first opened up the app, the wallet design was more like plain white which I didn't really bad but I mistakenly created two multi wallets which I didn't notice at first, this made backing up my seed phrase near impossible and as I couldn't locate the first wallet, it wouldn't let me back up the second. Instead, the app kept logging me out. In the second wallet as I couldn't get access to the first, I decided to add coins and tokens so that I can test out how it's deposit and withdrawal works but the wallet kept on giving me an error message saying "could not decrypt byte support". This prompted me to uninstall and reinstall the wallet to recreate another address. Looking at the stress I faced while initially starting with this wallet, I could only draw out two conclusion that the wallet is hard to operate and the UI designs is a major reason for this. The wallet though had some advantages which I clearly outlined in the Pros section of my review and moreso, it supports an in-app Dapp browser, third party services providers for purchase of cryptocurrencies and a Crypto to crypto exchange which I didn't get to use all except the Dapp browser. The browser worked out just perfectly connecting directly to the Blockchain on which I was browsing upon. Continuing my usage of the wallet, I discovered it's Live chat support whom I contacted and explained my situation as concerns the former wallet I created, I was given a detailed explanation and so can vouch for it's support team. The wallet is not in all ways great for me but the fact that it allows entry-level investors to get into cryptocurrencies using their local debit cards is something. My advise to the newbies is to make sure that before they take any action on this wallet, the Support team should be kept abreast because handling this wallet will turn out really hard at the first instance

Pros & cons

  • The wallet supports a quick live chat. The Support team is always available
  • In-app purchases of Bitcoin via third party makes it easy for entry-level investors to get their head around cryptocurrencies
  • The wallet also supports its own Crypto to crypto exchange
  • Supports different Crypto assets.
  • Wallet UI still looks like the good old days. Really uninteresting design for it's UI
  • Really had a hard time figuring how to use the wallet as it created two multi coins wallet at a time