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About Samourai Wallet

They claim to be a modern bitcoin wallet hand forged to keep your transactions private, your identity masked, and your funds secure. Security Military Grade Encryption - Samourai is encrypted on the phone using AES-256 encryption.  Strong Default Protection with BIP 44 and BIP 39 - Samourai enforces a BIP 39 passphrase on wallet creation, hardening the security of your wallet right out of the gate. Secure PIN Login - Use a 5-8 digit PIN to access your wallet. PIN screen is randomized on every load to thwart screen recording spyware. You control your private keys - Private keys are created and stored on your device and are never communicated with any server or anyone. Certificate Pinning - Protects HTTPS websites from impersonation using fraudulent certificates issued by compromised certificate authorities. Privacy No address reuse - Samourai never reuses addresses, never leaking valuable metadata about you and your purchase habits. Randomized change outputs - Samourai is the only wallet to randomize the number of change outputs for each send, making gathering wallet address metadata more difficult. Deterministic inputs/outputs positioning - Samourai positions the inputs/outputs of each transaction deterministically after a send, decreasing the effectiveness of block chain snooping Avoid linking previous change outputs - Samourai parses all previous transactions before building a new transaction to make sure it isn't leaking valuable metadata about your and your wallet Tor and VPN Support - Samourai is enabled with Tor and VPN support allowing you the ability to route all transactions through an anonymous IP address.   Extra Features Bitcoin Network Health Monitoring - Samourai actively monitors the condition of Bitcoin Network alerting you when transactions may confirm slower and informing you of the current required miner fee for quick transaction confirmation. Send in your favorite currency - Instant currency conversion makes it easier to send Bitcoin. Smart Miner Fees - Samourai offers three different miner fee profiles: Auto to use our smart fee detection algorithm, Priority during times of network stress to ensure quick confirmations, Custom to set a fee of your own choice. Block Chain Obfuscation - Samourai offers three different presets that provide varying levels of obfuscations: Simple to send a basic HD transaction with no added obfuscation, Samourai Send to send a transaction that uses decoy change addresses, CoinJoin Simulation to send a transaction that is indistinguishable from a CoinJoin transaction on the block chain. Export your wallet anywhere, anytime - You may export your wallet to any Bitcoin wallet than follows BIP 39,44 specifications. Restore any HD wallet - You may restore an existing HD wallet from any wallet provider with or without a BIP 39 passphrase Choose your fiat currency - View transactions and make sends in your local fiat currency. Choose your favorite Bitcoin unit - BTC, mBTC, bits, It is up to you Choose your favorite Block Explorer - Most popular block explorers are available to view transactions on the web You can contact them at: [email protected]   There is a discussion here about the way Samourai works:

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Samuorai Wallet: A Bitcoin-Only Cryptocurrency Wallet With Military Grade Security Measures But Limited To Only Android Devices.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the name of this wallet is that, this wallet should have a Japanese affinity because the name sounds a lot like the Japanese Samurai. When I was researching the Samuorai wallet, I encountered loads...See full review

Samourai Wallet - multicurrency crypto wallet

Samurai Wallet is a wallet that allows users to store assets and cryptocurrencies in a quick and easy manner. The platform's technology is based on QR codes and encryption to improve the user experience and security, as well as the use of BIP 39...See full review

Samourai wallet is a flexible wallet with ease access to acquiring bitcoin.

A review on Samourai wallet is going to be the subject of today's discussion. Samourai portrays itself as a self facilitated full hub worker that naturally matches up with your Samourai Wallet. In any case, it is accessible today, free and open...See full review

Keeping your operations secret, masking your identity and protecting your resources.

First this wallet is targeted on users privateness, in essence the users can behavior transaction anonymously with out been tracked, a non custodial pockets for customers to be in entire control of their phrase key, it a well understand and steady...See full review

my little experience on this exchange platform called Samourai Wallet

Samourai Wallet hello guys i want to talk about the above mentioned wallet. This is a contemporary decentralized digital currency that hold mainly Bitcoin, that ensure privacy for transactions, identity and any form of information about users...See full review

My personal review about Samurai wallet.

Samurai wallet offers 3 key characteristics for everyone who seeks more information in order to trust the service. It is a wallet with confidentiality, security and security. I like it since it's a project that helps people with every advantage it...See full review

one of the most convenient and reliable wallets Samourai Wallet

Hello everyone. The modern bitcoin wallet, Samourai, has been specially designed to ensure the privacy of its users, the masking of their identities and the protection of their funds. The program is designed for people who want to avoid financial...See full review

Samurai wallet review with pros and cons

This Bitcoin wallet gives us a big range of privateness and safety functions that can't be ignored. Samourai Wallet is a wallet that focuses mainly on Bitcoin, does now no longer help altcoins, and may best be used on Android devices. However, it's...See full review

About Samourai Wallet

Samourai Wallet is a bitcoin-only wallet that is extremely secure. It's an open-source wallet with a complex and advanced technology. It was created in the year 2015. I've only had this wallet for a month, but in that time I've been able to draw a...See full review

Samourai Wallet

First of all I really like the name ‘Samourai’ because I really like it. The project itself is very interesting, there are a lot of similar projects as Samourai Wallet but I hope that this one will succeed because it is really necessary to store...See full review