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Tratok is a platform which has its own TRAT token which is used to make travel reservations which is more economical for the client This token was created to be able to alleviate a little the problems when making reservations for flights, hotels, cars and do it in a more simple and easy way for the user, it also has very low rates which makes it very attractive when using it. In addition, this coin is created on the ethereum blockchain as an RC20 token, which for people who are already familiar with these tokens, makes their use easier.查看所有评论

venjocoin 标志

Venjocoin is a decentralized platform and has its own vjc token which promises to have good returns and it is assumed that this year they will have their own application for smartphones as well as iphone and android It is a project that is created on the ethereum chain and offers lower costs in its transactions. It is also based on smart contracts from the ethereum network, which makes it very interesting for users who trust the etherium network and their smart contracts. It also has a route sheet which is scheduled for several years查看所有评论

counos coin 标志

Counos Coin is a platform that offers financial services with a number of cryptocurrencies, it also has its own token, which is created in the litecoin network, it is a decentralized platform, its software is open source. counos coin has its wallet which is compatible with android with a comfortable interface and easy to use for all users who are on this platform their transactions are fast and safe also allows you to get rewards for their mining since this currency is mined with proof of work is creating on the litecoin code but work with its own independent code查看所有评论

nanopool 标志

hello everyone nanopool is a mining pool in which different currencies are mined i mined ethereum and classic ethreum also with 3 radeon video cards vii this mining rig produced me 5 dollars with 80 cents every day in eth and etc at the beginning Setting up the miners is not very easy but after that it is something very easy to receive payments every day since to reach the minimum payment they do not require much more than 6 months mining with nano pool until I sold my mining rig which I regret since mining is paying a little more now than when I was mining查看所有评论

world of ether 标志

World of Ether is a game in which you have to be looking for collectible things called monsters is a game made on the network of ethereum which allows you to earn rewards in ethereum which makes it interesting and attractive for players who can have fun and give you the opportunity to earn a little ethereum This game is decentralized and is made with a smart ethereum contract to give us more security and confidence when investing in this game, which is very important in this world since there are many scammers in the cryptocurrency market.查看所有评论

heads or tails 标志

Heads or Tails is a multiplayer game that is currently available on different websites, you must have a wallet configured to store all the funds players can create their own bets can win and receive their winnings directly to their wallets It is also a game platform easy to use and understand for a better enjoyment of the players. Another thing that can be done is configure the game in your own way and confirm your bets for a greater enjoyment of the game. This game also has an exchange that will allows you to exchange the most important currencies查看所有评论

cryptokitties 标志

CryptoKitties is one of the best known blockchain games today and if I don't recall it was one of the first to start promoting this type of blockchain-based services To play this game you need a metamask wallet which can be easily downloaded the game is about buying some kittens which you have to breed and breed to get new breeds of cats which you are going to sell this is a good way of entertainment and earn a little more cryptocurrency in what can be done in a game based on the blockchain查看所有评论

nexo card 标志

Nexo Card is a card that trades with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be used anywhere in the world in a number of stores where they accept mastercard, there is no commission for using it and it is available in more than 45 countries, the transactions are faster than you enter. Targets The advantage of this card is that you use it with the guarantee of the cryptocurrencies that you have in your wallet which gives you the advantage of not spending too much money since you can only use what you have available in your balance查看所有评论

advcash usd 标志

It is a debit card that allows you to use it with multiple currencies. It also serves as an exchange platform This card allows us to easily make international payments since it accepts bank transfers and credit cards and even accepts Paypal It has a wallet that is simple to operate. and use among users using dollars and euros, it also has no fees for account maintenance as most of these types of cards that are on the market today In addition, with this card you can withdraw money from an ATM using the balance of your cryptocurrencies查看所有评论

coinbase card 标志

Coimbase card an excellent way to help people in this world of cryptocurrencies to use their cryptocurrencies as a currency in the real world since it allows you to use your balance in cryptocurrency to use it with this card that coinbase offers you easily and safely With all the advantages that coinbase offers one of the most popular exchanges in the market and in the crypto world with this card you can make purchases and you can use it in any trade in the world and we can receive notifications of each transaction that we do with this card查看所有评论

blockchain university course 标志

Blockchain University Course It is a course which gives you the tools to learn from the most basic of the blockchain and the entry to the cryptocurrency market in a very comfortable way through video courses also teaches us how to win on the networks has a good service to the client which is available 24 hours a day all week this platform has many accreditations from universities where it teaches its blockchain courses to help people who want to know more about the blockchain is a good tool to keep up to date with everything that has to do with the blockchain查看所有评论

bitcoin homework cryptocurrency education 标志

Bitcoin Homework Cryptocurrency Education this is a silver form of learning about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies has many courses available for everyone their desire is to train and educate people who are interested in entering the world of cryptocurrencies has a large number of courses where It is explained in a simple way how cryptocurrencies work and many decentralized companies have begun to support cryptocurrencies through these courses that are offered to ordinary users to expand their knowledge of blockchain查看所有评论

coinbase training 标志

coinbase training gives you the opportunity to learn about new projects and others that are already on the market with video courses that provide a lot of information about cryptocurrencies, and you also get rewards for each course you take, which is highly motivating to take all courses I have taken 6 courses already and the truth is that I really liked I learned many things that I did not know about some cryptocurrencies and how they work and how they are mined since there are many that are mined with proof of work and others with proof of staking查看所有评论

101 blockchain course 标志

for 101 blockchain course The main mission of the course is to help top company professionals become global blockchain experts highly recognized as the best blockchain and cryptocurrency course with certification to support others 101 blockchain is a very good and complete blockchain course The course offers very interesting content with high-quality technology, it is also another course that allows progressive learning. its goal is to provide a learning environment for both newbies and crypto experts who want to know more about blockchain查看所有评论

abra сrypto course 标志

ABRA crypto course is an excellent platform to learn about many things like investment strategies It has a 10 day course in which you can learn how to create a secure crypto wallet You will also learn everything basic about cryptocurrencies to start preparing you to enter the crypto world In addition, it must be said that this platform is completely free for users who want to enter this world of cryptocurrencies, these courses have a lot of information to learn and be up to date with everything that has to do with cryptocurrencies查看所有评论

uphold 标志

hello this uphold wallet I used it a while ago because a cryptocurrency business I only pay this wallet but I started using it and I liked it since it has many advantages for example it lets you compare cryptocurrencies using your bank account so you do much easier to acquire cryptocurrencies in a trustworthy way, which is one of the things that becomes difficult when one starts in this world of cryptocurrencies, transactions arrive fast and feedings are acceptable, until now I really like this wallet查看所有评论

metamask 标志

metamask this wallet I have been using it for a few months and I find it excellent since it is very easy to use and it is a chrome extension which makes it easy to use for the one who is starting in this world of cryptocurrencies and matamask is the wallet that is used for the mall of tokens and projects based on the ethereum network I like it because you can send low cryptocurrency fractions not like in other exchanges that if what you are going to send is very little they do not allow them that I like very much about this metamask wallet until now one of my favorites查看所有评论

coinomi 标志

I like this wallet very much It has an exchange where, in addition to exchanging currencies, you can also buy some of the most important cryptocurrencies on the market, it is also super safe, I have been using it for more than a year and so far it seems to me that its feed is competitive with other wallets in the cryptocurrency market coinomi also supports almost all eth tokens and those that it does not support you can add yourself manually this is one of the things I like most about this wallet查看所有评论

bittrex 标志

Bittrex is an exchange that I really like because it has most of the most important cryptocurrencies in the crypto world, very easy to use for beginners, its interface is very friendly, especially for new users who have very little experience in the world of cryptocurrencies. It allows you to get a lower feed if you buy a specific cryptocurrency and pay the feed with it so the user can save on each exchange he makes on the platform without having to spend a lot on the feed is one of the things I like about this exchange查看所有评论

ethereum classic 标志

ethereum classic is a cryptocurrency whose price has been constantly increasing and very easy to mine with graphic cards I personally mined ethereum classic and accumulate some of them current I am waiting for a good rise it is a cryptocurrency that you can find in all exchanges and you can exchange it for almost any crypto and they accept it almost everywhere their feed to send it is not expensive and the transactions are confirmed in a short time to conclude a cryptocurrency that has everything one of my favorites查看所有评论

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