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January 24, 2021


Best blockchain games in 2021, according to Revain reviews

Gaming is one of the most rapidly evolving industries. In just about 20 years, it went from a niche form of entertainment to a giant market generating over $150 billion of revenue. It has its own blockbusters and indie stars, shows, conventions, immense fanbase, etc.

It is also a flexible industry that keeps on evolving and integrating new technologies. Blockchain-based projects became one of the latest innovations in the sector. They change not only the technological foundation of games but also a part of their core philosophy.

What are the blockchain games?

Blockchain projects are, by definition, online. Some might focus more on single-player experiences, but you can’t really implement blockchain without connecting your product to the Internet.

Usually, MMOs store all the data, including the players’ assets, on the developer’s servers. It makes sense from many perspectives, but it also limits the players’ roles in the game. They can’t actually influence the game in any meaningful way, change its features or rules. They also can’t really own any of their digital assets.

Their characters, equipment, trophies, and other valuables belong to the developers, who control the servers. While it might not be a big deal in some cases, it does matter for some players because of financial reasons.

MMOs often encourage trade between players, including purchases with real money. Some people get decent profits from selling their unique assets, so actual ownership is important for them. Besides, it is always nice to own something, even if it is something completely virtual.

The integration of blockchain changes the foundations of MMOs. Instead of being kept on the developer’s servers, the data and assets are stored on a distributed network. And while developers maintain control over the game, players often can easily contribute to its development and directly own their assets.

Blockchain games are also more honest and transparent. All the important rules can be implemented as smart contracts, so “Action A” will always lead to “Result A”. All the important actions and transactions can be recorded in the public ledger, so cheating becomes a lot harder.

Finally, developers of the blockchain-based games often integrate cryptocurrencies into their projects. Players can use the coins of their choice to pay for special services or in-game items.

Now that we are done with the basics, here are the Top 10 blockchain games, according to Revain reviews.

1. Splinterlands

Splinterlands bring the age-old tradition of card collection to the blockchain. Players get cards of monsters with different powers and abilities that are used in PvP combat. They can also participate in tournaments and challenges and win the tradable DAC tokens, making the game profitable for themselves. Revain reviewers are also pleased with convenient interface and high speed. However, some of them also point out the absence of much-needed localizations and cartoony art style.

2. CryptoKitties

Launched back in 2017, CryptoKitties is one of the most well-known blockchain projects. The premise is simple but unique: players take care of cats with randomly generated features and then breed them, producing new cats with inherited and completely new features. They can also buy and sell cats. Revain authors also like the convenience of the platform and even point out its educational value. At the same time, they warn that if you want to really get into the game, the prices might be quite high.

3. Gods Unchained

This card game is backed by Coinbase and is inspired by classic hits like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering. Players collect their unique decks and battle it out in fast-paced combat with pretty impressive graphics. Revain authors praise easy transactions and fun gameplay. Yet the difficulty might be too high for casual gamers, and the design is sometimes described as “chaotic”.

4. Prospectors

This is an unusual example of a blockchain-based MMORTES (Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy). The player gets three gold diggers under their command and sets out to be the richest prospector in the land. Players can team up and even form unions. Revain reviewers point out the accessibility and innovative gameplay of Prospectors.io. Nevertheless, the game is only available in English and Chinese.

5. Heads or Tails

The game offers exactly what the name implies. Players place the bets, choose Heads or Tails and flip the coin. Alternatively, players can choose a side and create a game where others try to guess what they have chosen. Revain reviewers appreciate the mobile version and frequent updates. However, those who dislike betting and simplistic design should probably pass on that one.

6. Taurion

The blockchain-based sci-fi MMORPG stands out for several reasons. But the most interesting one is its version of Human Mining, which is integrated into the complex economic system. Revain authors praise the unique concept, the interesting setting, and the high graphics quality. They also point out that the project is still in Early Access and that it has high system requirements.

7. EOS Knights

The first mobile blockchain game on the EOS platform has a classic premise. The players collect knights who fight monsters and go on quests. They also collect materials and craft equipment for their heroes, making them stronger. Revain users approve of fun gameplay and the variety of content. Yet, according to the reviews, EOS Knights have a somewhat steep learning curve, and players need to dedicate RAM and CPU to the game to play it comfortably.

8. Forgotten Artifacts

The blockchain-based dungeon crawler invites players to hunt for powerful artifacts. They choose the class of their character, delve into the dungeon, slay monsters and collect the loot - the tried and true formula. Revain reviews mention strong pros: frequent updates and simple yet fun gameplay. The cons include the counterintuitive controls and the absence of a mobile version.

9. World of Ether

The players once again take up the roles of collectors and breeders of monsters - “Ethereals”. The complexity of the gameplay comes in combining the monsters of different types and raising them right. Revain reviews also pray the game’s graphics and art style, as well as its fun strategic and competitive elements. Reviews also point out that the concept itself is not very original and that the game might require a sizeable investment of time and money.

10. Space Misfits

The sci-fi action game that supports the integration with Enjin and promises freedom t its players. They pilot a spaceship and can do whatever they wish: fight NPCs or other players, explore, trade, form alliances, etc. Revain authors appreciate the graphics and the supportive community. However, the game is not free and might prove to be pricey.

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