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Review on BitPay USD by James joseph

Bitpay USD card

With the use of physical crypto debit card users today can make convenient seamless transaction at various fiat currency accepting centers today these where made possible due to the current existence of Crypto debit card which can be used to easily converter crypto currencies to fiat currency.

BitPay USD is likely to be compared with a master card BitPay USD card can be assessed by users in over 40 countries it can be used for making transaction at ATM post centers also using PoS post it can be used to send and receive payment currently the card support few crypto coins with USD as the major currency, support exchange or conversion of crypto to fiat and vise versa. to get started with using the card initial deposit will be made on the bitpay app which will give users access to request for a physical card BitPay USD card support instant top up of Crypto currency there is also available feature for users to reload account when out of fund using the card at PoS point gives users additional cash back. the application is available on on mobile device on play store and app store.

Charges for using BitPay USD card is quite considerable as the initial cost of incurring the card is $10 ATM fee of $2.5 with and overall fee of 1% there is no monthly fee charged there is daily limit of $3,000.

In general BitPay USD card is a good card for use.

Pros & cons

  • Crypto base card for making transaction and purchase of product from fiat accepting centers
  • Using the app users can make instant top up
  • Support for use at physical atm and pos point
  • Available on mobile device which will further be linked with the card
  • Support and available in over 40 countries
  • Has a good considerable transaction fee
  • There is daily limit for processing transaction