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AIR 7 SEAS Transport Logistics Inc

They are reliable in handling our international shipments from Canada-US border port of entry (POE) through US customs brokerage agent with full tracking system integration. That can be monitored as well remotely via online access interface; we have also used their services during Canadian importation at Vancouver POA which was smooth due. They were very helpful especially providing us custom forms required upon arriving there after landing clearance has been granted while flying into country. so not all paperwork needed could come together prior arrival but since everything had done beforehand it made things easy going forward when entering new countries like United States, where most likely you will need some additional documents. Prepared ahead if your business dealings requires those types requirements otherwise getting stuck without proper documentation might put hold up shipment process temporarily until documentations gets resolved properly hence having someone who knows what do expect helps greatly even though dealing outside own home ground. The web interface was very user friendly as it made my job that much easier in locating shipments when I needed them from multiple locations! It also helped me find information about tracking numbers/shipments which were helpful so we could make sure our freight arrived at its location safely without having any problems along this journey of shipping goods internationally.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I like the way Ularas allows me to keep track of my clients, their events, and my work in general. It's very convenient to have all of my clients' information in one place. I also like being able to create invoices right in the software. I wish that the software allowed me to edit my clients' information. It's very time consuming to have to go back and edit information about my clients. I've been able to solve this problem by having my clients fill out a client profile in which I can edit any information that needs to be edited. I am able to keep track of my clients' information, their events, and my work. I love that this program allows us to collaborate easily with our clients! My team loves being able too access everything we need in one place (such as color options etc) The platform isn't very user friendly especially when wanting things done quickly within my workflow - you don’t want your employees stopping their train of thought while waiting around...this can often be an issue if they are also entering info or looking up images at same time.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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The tool has helped us identify suspicious transactions which could be fraudulent or not what we expect our business needs. We also have been able monitor all of those purchases in real time by using their reporting dashboard feature. I can't say anything negative about this software from my experience with it - but they need more features like being allowed me export reports etc as well. We use this software for all our merchant transactions (both CC/CV) at different companies we have worked with in past years but most recently since November 2018 it started giving issues when attempting an API transaction from my own account, as well which caused some problems... Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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ThreatSign - Website Anti Malware

The free version has enough features for me as an individual user. We have not yet come across any issues with using this tool. As it is easy, simple steps I would recommend anyone who wants good web protection against malicious software use threatsign. Free trial should be available so people can try before buying. This helps keep our sites protected. It is an effective tool for blocking malicious software like viruses, trojans etc. It helps me scan my computer system thoroughly for any kind of harmful program. The platform can be very cumbersome sometimes so it takes too much time to get through all the options of antivirus scanning and updates which is quite tiresome sometimes, but since its free no harm done here. I have only found benefits of using this service like getting rid of unwanted programs. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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inkXE T shirt Design Software

This site does NOT provide sufficient information about their products, which makes me hesitant when placing orders through them (not having any past experience). Also no price breakdowns - just vague pricing options without specifying anything further like quality/design size etc.. For example $30 per 100 shirts includes printing + shipping? That's rather useless since its really hard telling HOW much something should actually "cost" unless someone tells YOU...I would suggest adding more detailed descriptions so customers don't endup paying extra money than needbe....Also this kindof thing might work well online but doesnt translate verywell at brick & mortar stores where most consumers will walk away immediately upon seeing these kindsadvertisements.....Just keep trying tho guys =] good luck!! Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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After looking around at some other providers we went back to this one because they were very professional in their approach... We had no problems from them setting up our new VoIP service.. It all seemed like easy enough set-up stuff that most companies should be able to do themselves but if you don't know what's going on then there could potentially cause many headaches later down the line so I recommend anyone who does business online look into these guys! :) Very good customer support and also great prices.... All round excellent experience with Converges One!! The best part was how fast everything came together after contacting them which saved me money as i didnt want time wasted waiting while someone else did my work..... Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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This ticket management software is awesome! Our team has used it for years now and it has saved us MANY man hours of manually entering tickets into our database. Now instead of sitting around making coffee or going over emails we focus on building the asset and then managing our maintenance. We never look back :) As a consultant, there’s no greater joy than seeing clients successfully implement new processes to solve problems that previously seemed unsolvable. Yet, many times, those same clients still struggle with simple issues after implementation. That’s where Upkeep comes into play. On projects ranging anywhere form 10 to 200+ seat facilities, from individual small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, Upkeep is helping organizations improve efficiencies across all departments by providing visibility into both inventory and employee availability. These two components, coupled with our smart scheduling algorithm give customers the ability to predict and control workforce availability, ensuring they never lose track of a critical asset again. With the flexibility to monitor schedules of 50 to 10,000 seats, Up Keep helps increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and overall provide superior customer service while keeping costs under control. Great Ticketing System! Works great. You can send email messages to groups, individuals, or even reply. If they accept the message, then you receive an automated email to let you know that ticket status changed. I really liked using this. It helped me organize myself since I'm a perfectionist :) The app is easy to navigate, has great workflow options available, includes integrations that make sense for our industry, and most importantly; it works as advertised! Our ticket database grew significantly over the last few years and we needed something capable of handling all of the new issues that were introduced while maintaining functionality for existing tickets. This application fits that criteria perfectly! Additionally, the app interface makes intuitive sense even to someone without previous experience in a ticketing system.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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MercadoMagico is the world's largest online Latin Market place. They supply over 10,000 products in every kind of Latin American product you can imagine for your market/ restaurant/ bar or whatever you are running in that domain with delivery to more than 50 countries around the world. As a Mexican I have tried many of their products and they are really good! My favorites are: - Tamarind mixed with chile powder  (I use it on almost everything, but mostly in my marinades) I'm sure there are way more good products on this store, but these are the ones I have tried so far. They do also ship fresh items like corn husks, banana leaves and other Latin ingredients you need to make authentic dishes. About the prices: They are really good! The quality of their products is excellent and they deliver fast!  The attention to detail in each product is exceptional.  Shipping anywhere around the world takes between 1-3 days (normally 2). You can choose if delivery times are important or not before making your purchase.    Check out all the details about shipping here . If they don't have an item you want they will tell you where to get it. I'm 100% sure that if they don't have it, you would be able to find it on their Facebook or Twitter pages.  If not there, just ask them and I'm pretty sure they'll find it for you! About the customer service:   Their staff is very professional when dealing with customers. They are always giving advice about recipes and ingredients.  Also they provide links in each product what helps a lot when making dishes! They really think of everything!!!!!! MercadoMagico is the world's largest online Latin Market place. They supply over 10,000 products in every kind of Latin American product you can imagine for your market/ restaurant/ bar or whatever you are running in that domain with delivery to more than 50 countries around the world.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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The Metal Foundry

A unique place in the Czech Republic which is unique in its kind. Here you can find all sorts of metals, but not only for decoration or crafting purposes. This is a company that belongs to the people who are keen on working with metal. The owner of this business lives by his passion, collects old machines and equipment from the former era of the country's economy which was once controlled by communist rules. He has collected almost everything what you can imagine under one roof - there are even historic cars here! If you visit The Metal Foundry, make sure your camera is fully charged because it doesn't happen very often that you get to see so many antiques in one place - everything is original and undamaged up to every last detail. The store is about 500 square meters big - look around and you'll probably get lost in time after just a few minutes. Mr. Gál himself, the store's owner, will happily show you around and tell you some stories that go along with things that are displayed here. You can also watch him working on restoring machines or ask for his help when it comes to your own project. Whether steel welding, milling or grinding - he can do anything! He has all the tools at hand! The Metal Foundry provides services like measuring, drilling holes (no matter where!), cutting pieces according to certain specifications; there are even special prices if your order is big enough. But using this place isn't only something nice. The Metal Foundry is an old factory that has been converted into a one-of-a-kind shop. It's full of metal, but not just for decoration or crafting purposes. The owner collects historic vehicles and machinery from the former era of communist Czechoslovakia - everything here is original and undamaged up to every last detail! You can witness Mr Gal himself working on restoring machines, ask his help with your own project in steel welding, milling or grinding; he does anything you need! Whether it be measuring holes (no matter where!), cutting pieces according to specifications or providing services like drilling holes - all at very special prices if your order is big enough.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Eventbrite is an online ticket selling website where you can buy tickets for several events such as concerts or conferences. You can also create your own events through their website if you want to organize something special among your friends or colleagues. In order to use the site, it requires users have an account which is free of charge. In terms of pricing structure, when buying a ticket from the site, they charge a small fee. There are 2 types of fees: the "processing fee" and the "service fee". Here's how those two work: The processing fee is composed of two parts: a per ticket charge set by the creator (the organizer) and a platform service fee (PSF) added by Eventbrite as an online marketplace. The PSF is calculated using a rate that varies depending on your account type, ranging from 3 to 8%. This rate ranges over time and also differs based on the event category and whether it's set up for ticketing via mobile devices. So for example if you create an event and sell 50 tickets at $10 each, here's how it works with $0.99 processing fee per ticket: Creator sets $8.99 price for the event (this would be the "recommended" price) and adds a 3% processing fee to this, so people will pay $9.32 each since it includes the 3% of Eventbrite PSF. Service Fee is composed of two parts; an online service charge set by the creator (the organizer) and a payment processing charge added by Eventbrite as a payment provider. The processing charge is calculated using a rate that varies depending on your account type, ranging from 2.5 to 4%. This rate ranges over time and also differs based on the event category and whether it's set up for ticketing via devices. Eventbrite is a site that enables people all over the world to plan, promote and sell out any event. It's an online ticket selling website where you can buy tickets for several events such as concerts or conferences. Eventbrite also allows users to create their own events through their website if they want to organize something special among friends or colleagues. In order to use the site, it requires account which is free of charge but there are 2 types of fees: processing fee and service fee.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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