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Diane Tailor

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Diane T.

Diane Tailor

9 nivel
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I love everyday life, I've long-term goals in my life. I have chosen to write about cryptocurrencies as my second job.
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Logotipo de bityard

Bityard exchange is an international exchange. The service of this exchange is done to more than 150 countries, which means that most users in the country can use the services of this cryptocurrency exchange. I signed up for a more detailed review of bityard. The registration process is simple and can be done only by providing a valid email address and choosing a password. It is also possible to enter an invitation code when registering, but this is not necessary. welcome box After registration, it is an attractive welcome, but to receive a gift, you must do something like trading or completing KYC. To perform the withdraw operation, two-step login activation is required. So with this coercion, the exchange will improve the security of its users' accounts. Most popular trades such as futures are offered in this exchange and many currencies are listed for spot trading. The trading fee is the same for both makers and order takers, which reduces the worry of higher fees for takers.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de kucoin

Kucoin Exchange has avoided a strict rules policy for users compared to other competitors. This exchange has provided the possibility of withdrawal with reasonable restrictions even for users without performing KYC. The exchange offers a variety of trade spots and futures. In both of these trades, suitable options are provided for both new users and professional traders. This exchange also has the possibility of Fast Buy. With this feature, there is no need to obtain cryptocurrencies from local exchanges and then transfer Kucoin. You can easily buy USDT from this section with the help of Visa. The advantage of USDT in this exchange is that most currencies can be traded with USDT pair. So, in fact, it is possible to buy more currencies directly through Visa. Kucoin Exchange has a relatively long history and has long been able to keep loyal users in its exchange. This exchange has international users due to the lack of need for KYC for low transactions, and especially after the recent tightening of binance exchange, more users have been attracted to the activity in this exchange.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ton swap

Swap exchanges are the easiest way to convert or buy cryptocurrencies. The most famous of these exchanges are uniswap and pancakeswap. Now the powerful Free TON project has also introduced a dedicated exchange that has a completely decentralized function. To connect to this exchange, you only need a ton crystal wallet that has been added to the web browser as an extension. With just one click, you are allowed access to wallet and transaction assets, which can be connected to an exchange office in the simplest way, despite being secure. TONSwap has popular currencies such as USDT, DAI, 1INCH in its currency conversion menu. Due to the direct support of stable coins, this exchange has provided the possibility of trading in addition to a convenient option for purchase. With the help of TONSwap and through TON bridge, currencies can also be transferred through the ERC-20 network and then traded in this decentralized exchange. TON SWAP exchange has several separate sections, among which we can mention the Farming section. At Farming, you can now stack 172% of TON currency with APY, which is a great profit due to the lack of sharp fluctuations in the price of this currency.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ton bridge

TON Bridge is one of the systems for converting tokens to tokens within the free ton blockchain network. The ethereum network has high transaction fees due to the high price of ETHER currency and the high difficulty of the network. Of course, the fees have been reduced after the new Hard Fork upgrade, but high fees are still needed to transfer ERC-20 tokens. TON Bridge provides the opportunity to make transfers at a lower cost. This system, in addition to making transfers at a lower cost, also makes it easier to invest in TON Crystal. TON Crystal can be one of the biggest projects of this year with its new promotions and features, and for this reason, many people may want to invest in this currency, with ton bridge, this investment will be unmediated. With the help of ton bridge, you can also receive profit by stacking WTON currency in the pool. Currency transfer to free ton network is done in the shortest possible time with the help of TON bridge. After the transfer request, they will be available in the Free ton blockchain network only a few minutes later. If you want to transfer tokens to Free TON, because the source network for transferring to the ton blockchain is the ERC-20 network, then we have to have some ETH currency to pay the fee, of course, do not worry, because after Payment of this fee is then required for low fees in the Free TON network. In ton bridge, both direct access to a decentralized ERC-20 wallet such as MetaMask and direct connection to the TON extension wallet are possible. All steps in the operation will be converted to TON Blockchain tokens or vice versa, and this means a real blockchain that eliminates the need for third parties. But at the end of the review, I think Free TON offers one of the most complete collections in the world of blockchain, a secure and perfect exchange, a dedicated blockchain, a dedicated wallet without bugs, as well as this advanced TON Bridge system that It has made all the steps easier.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ton crystal wallet

I installed the Windows version of this wallet, which was only 15 MB in size, and it took only a few seconds to install. After installing this wallet, making a wallet is done with just one click, which shows us both passwords and keywords for more security. Keywords are 24 words and in this version it is not possible to copy and paste the words and we have to write separately that this issue is to copy and paste only to prevent the storage of these important words. This wallet is decentralized and only we have access to the keywords and even the development team does not have access to these words. In fact, it is only the owners of these words who can control the property. The beautiful design of the wallet and the moving images have made it more attractive and fun to use. Also, I did not encounter any problems while using this wallet, and the bug fixes are well done in this program. This is great because it has been less than a year since the main project started and new projects with this period of activity basically have a lot of bugs. In addition to the main currency, TON Crystal can hold several other currencies in this wallet, and the wallet also allows you to add custom tokens. All the features of this wallet are such that it is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets, and I hope that with the introduction of the mobile version, the development of this wallet will be more complete than before.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de free ton

In recent years, due to the prosperity and growth of the cryptocurrency market, many daily projects are introduced, which are sometimes with good and unique ideas. But many of these projects only become famous early in the introduction and are then abandoned by the production team. The Free TON project has been around for less than a year, and from what we've seen so far, this is not a project to be abandoned by the developers, and they intend to continue to grow one of the best decentralized networks. Introduce to the whole world. The network provided by this project has provided unparalleled security with the help of blockchain technology. High level of privacy is maintained in the Free TON network. One of its most important features is the high speed of transactions, which is several times more than the old blockchain networks and the so-called first generation of blockchains. Transaction fees in this network are so low that there is no fee deduction for users. The wallet interface of this network is convenient. This wallet can also transfer currencies through other blockchains such as ethereum blockchain, which is done with the help of bridges.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de emirex

emirex is a relatively well-known cryptocurrency trading office headquartered in Estonia. Website design is understandable and, for example, compared to binance, in emirex, you can quickly understand how it works and how to work with this exchange. The earnings section of this exchange has different ways to invest and earn money, and like most crypto exchanges, it is possible to earn money through the referral program. emirex also has the ability to deposit Fiat currencies, and those who do not have any cryptocurrency can also trade these currencies by depositing their fiat currenices and converting them into cryptocurrencies. Online support through online chat is also available in this exchange, and we can discuss possible problems through chat with one of the emirex support staff.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de digibyte

The project provides a decentralized cryptocurrency and a blockchain-based network that has been developed with the goal of security, use as money, and a fast and inexpensive payment method. This digital currency is one of the few old digital currencies that is still talked about and has its own fans. Digibyte can be extracted by GPU, ASIC, and this feature makes it easy for those who want to earn money from mining. One of the main similarities between digibyte and bitcoin is the transaction approval structure of this currency, both networks use the unspent output transaction model (UTXO). Digi Assets technology is the latest innovation in the Digibyte currency network, which is located at the top of the currency blockchain and has the ability to use smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps) and programming various tokens. Due to the high security and scalability of the digibyte network, experts believe that Digi Assets can be an ideal option for programmers.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de yobit

YoBit is a small set of exchanges that we do not need to enter personal information for trade. According to my review of the yobit exchange, YoBit is more suitable for the trader of medium to advanced cryptocurrencies. The investbox section of this exchange is one of the most exciting parts that I have not seen in other exchanges of this type. In this section, according to the type of currency and box desired, the user receives interest on his deposit. YoBit includes everything you would expect from an advanced trading operating system. For analysis, you have a candlestick chart over several time periods as well as an order book depth chart. YoBit trade costs are simple. Only 0.2% per trade. It does not matter if you are a maker or a taker. Your monthly trading volume also has no effect on cost, and I like this feature. Because in exchanges where the maker pays less, the possibility of being a maker is sometimes very difficult due to fluctuations in currency prices.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de dragonex

If one of my friends asks me to introduce him to a good cryptocurrency exchange, I will not introduce dragonex at all! I used this exchange for a month and it was not a good experience. They have long since disabled deposit and withdraw a large number of cryptocurrencies, and their support does not answer questions well. id verification is mandatory in dragonex, of course, you only need to enter your name and ID number, but in any case, no withdrawal can be done without entering them. The volume of currency transactions in this exchange is relatively high and this is the positive point of dragonex. Trades such as spot, margin, futures and swap are supported in this exchange and from this point of view, all traders can choose it. But in general, I think other exchange offices like binance are more suitable with the same features, except for currencies that are only listed in dragonex.Ver reseña completa

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