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Review on KuCoin by Robiul Islam

KuCoin is the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange.

It is a cryptocurrency exchange that does a good job mixing functionality and betterment potential with an awesome user experience. Its security is very solid and its customer support is the absolute best of any exchange. The only real downsides is its lack of fiat trading capability and advanced options or margin trading.

The interface deliver you an intuitive and easy to digest informational display while still showing open orders neatly. The available funds menu is represented by a currency graphic and swiftly displays a list of all cryptocurrency available in your account.

It has proven that it’s doing everything possible to safe user funds and create a immune environment for the trade of cryptocurrency. For every transaction, there is a .1% fee across the board. The only exception to this is users who hold their own currency KCS. Does not currently charge any fees to make a deposit. Withdrawal fees very low for me, depending on what currency you wish to withdraw and how much you’re withdrawing. It has done everything it can to build a reputation of having awesome customer service.

Really like the malleable verification policy it has. Access to full trading functionality without a verification necessity is becoming uncommon among cryptocurrency exchanges. When you add in it's exceptionally low fees and awesome user loyalty programs, it swiftly becomes one of the best for users who are looking to invest extensively in different cryptocurrencies.

Updated 2 years ago
Rating has not been changed
The Bitcoin trading terminal - margin has announced a new partnership deal with KuCoin! As a KuCoin customer, you don't need a license to trade on margin's trading terminal where you can run bots 24/7! margin also provides technical indicators, drawing tools, a pump/dump detector, Reddit and Twitter integrated into the terminal and language support for Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and more.

Updated 2 years ago
Rating has not been changed
There was no incident of hacking kucoin. The exchange brings an effective blend of security alerts to both system and operation levels. System-based, the exchange was built according to the finance industry standards, which gives it bank-level data encryption and protection. At the operational level, the exchange employs specialized risk control departments that enforce strict rules for data usage.

It's safe to say that Binance is kucoin's biggest competitor.

Updated 5 months ago
Rating has not been changed
This is the third time I've written about KuCoin, and I haven't changed a bit in terms of ratings. If I trust an exchange other than Binance, it is KuCoin.

You may ask why I'm so positive about the KuCoin exchange. Well, It is simple to understand why KuCoin is currently one of the industry's major cryptocurrency exchanges. KuCoin is a decent choice if you are searching for a reliable exchange to join with users that provide extremely low trading fees and hundreds of trading pairings to select from and improved safety measures.

KuCoin's reliability and reputation in the crypto industry.
As everyone probably knows about KuCoin's recent hack, every crypto trader fears that their deposited funds may not be safe on any exchange, this is what we've been seeing all along, no matter how big the exchange, no one is 100% protected from hacking. Most traders rely more on KuCoin here. A lot of money was lost in the last hack. In just 7 days they became fully functional, including returning the lost funds. We have seen many exchanges in the past for petty hacks and those exchanges cannot be restarted, you can take Cryptopia as an example.

And in terms of its reputation, KuCoin has been booming since 2017, but I think KuCoin has become more well-known as a trusted crypto exchange since its recent hack. What I noticed most was when KuCoin installed Revain's widget, mostly positive and original feedback arrived after their recent hack.

Experience using KuCoin in 2021.
I do my maximum trading on the KuCoin exchange, another special aspect is the high liquidity of the REV token. I prefer to stay here. In 2021, the trading volume of KuCoin has increased, new currencies are constantly being listed, provide friendly customer support services, P2P selling feature for Bangladeshis has been added for BDT, mobile application performance has been quite smooth, KuCoin candy has been used, many trading faculties have been added. To be honest, KuCoin's praise doesn't end there, all in all, it is a great exchange platform that is being widely used.

I'm considering it as the best exchange, KuCoin provides an excellent combination of user-friendly interface, insightful charts, and cheap fees, make my choice for the greatest overall cryptocurrency exchange.

Overall, it's remarkable how fast the exchange platform has developed since its beginnings, KuCoin is sure to continue to BOOM in the future.

Updated 11 days ago
Rating has not been changed
Kucoin "The People’s Exchange"

There is no doubt that Kucoin is a top-rated exchange, filled with the most advanced features the platform has climbed into the top 20 exchanges by trading volume, and its user-friendly web app and mobile app attract more users. Personally, I like trading on Kucoin, and their excellent customer service pushes me to have greater faith in Kucoin. Their last 24 hours volume is $4.37B and the last 30 days volume $104.85B which puts Kucoin at the top of the rankings.

  • Security Importance: Kucoin's security in 2021 is based on a systematic and operational level of safety measures. The exchange is stated to utilize bank-level security standards, such as multifactor dynamic authentication and common transfer encryption protocols for storing customers' data.
  • Kucoin in the novelty aspect: The platform provides a wide range of tools to fulfill the needs of the happiest with the services provided, who want to employ low-latency, reliable systems that give top performance. Kucoin is frequently listing promising projects that encourage users to invest a tiny bit, and all of these projects perform extremely well. You can view the performance of the newly listed projects if you wish 
  • Innovative functionality: The platform's website uses visuals to show information on liquidity, trading volume, and other statistics. Work on the platform is made easier by a robust collection of dynamic features. It might be difficult to provide user-friendly features in a complicated exchange, but the Kucoin developers did an excellent job.
Overall, I've been using KuCoin for 4 years now. It brings us excitement to always follow and Kucoin is without a doubt one of the top exchanges out there.

Pros & cons

  • Offers an highly wide range of currencies.
  • Well designed API interface. Top level team.
  • High level of anxiety for user security.
  • Excellent customer service, especially for a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • High speed trading platform built to scale rapidly.
  • No verification required.
  • Additional features and benefits offered by KCS.
  • Very low transaction and withdrawal fees.
  • Interesting user acquisition and retention promotions.
  • Identity verification for withdrawing two Bitcoin during any 24-hour period.
  • Cryptocurrencies only. No fiat currency accepted.
  • Can’t match the volume of the largest exchanges.
  • Experiences difficulties during high traffic periods.
Temitope Babatunde
May 05, 2020
Kucoin has good interface and everyday the team is trying to design it in such a way that it will attract users. There are trading and main account in Kucoin which serve as a measure of security, because before you can transfer coin out of trading section to main section it will ask for a code.
Robiul Islam
January 21, 2020
YES! Great for airdrop participants or those who trade in small quantities. Why would anyone have to make a verification for trading $5?
The hsotaka
January 21, 2020
I like your review. But do you really think its an advantage that there is no verification required? In my opinion, only a regulated crypto environment will have a future.
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