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Decathlon UK

Notifications Review on Decathlon UK

Hello. This is my review of the company Decathlon UK. I bought a lot of things and clothes in this store and am very satisfied with my purchases. It is in this store that you can find a snorkel mask when you can find it in other stores. And at a price 2 times cheaper. The masks are excellent, water and air do not pass. They don't sweat. Plus hydro suits are super, I also bought myself. Costume prices are very reasonable and affordable. At the checkout, I was surprised by this basket, which itself calculates the total amount of the purchase (according to the price tags, apparently). It's so convenient and comfortable. You do not need to punch through every item, just go to the basket, put all the things in it and the amount for payment appears on the screen. I am very pleased. thank you देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Coinbase Wallet

Good day dear readers and friends. Today I have prepared a review for you, which refers to the well-known and international database of electronic wallets Coinbase. One of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world that offers traders to store their coins, make transactions with minimal commissions. Now a little about the wallet. Founded in 2012, the number of cryptocurrencies is 45. Methods of replenishment Cryptocurrencies, Bank cards (only Visa and Master Card). It contains all popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, BTC cash, Dash, Kub, Komodo, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and more. One of the most important is that it also has a mobile app for Android and iOS systems. Now let me mention the downside, which is probably the only one. Coinbase does not provide its services to all countries in the world. These countries are only 42 in the list, and Russia, Belarus, Ukraine are not included in this list. Registration is very easy to pass. All you need to do is enter your first and last name, email address, and enter your password. Next, you need to confirm the mailbox and verify your phone number. Verification (identification) can also be passed very easily. Compared to other wallets, it does not cause complications. You need to send a passport photo and take a selfie in order to have an unlimited wallet and use all the features. Now let me show you one of these possibilities. This is not a promotion or a bonus, it's just a referral system. That is, if you have friends who work with cryptocurrencies, show them this program, send a link and work with friends. As far as security is concerned, this program is protected, there is also a 2-step authentication method and other security measures. As I mentioned above, it is possible to attach a debit card to which you can transfer not in cryptocurrency, but in cash. I transfer from here to my other Payeer eWallet. Of course there are deductions, but they are not so much. Well friends, if you are dealing with or working with cryptocurrencies, I would recommend using Coinbase services. It is relatively simpler and clearer, it has all the possibilities. For example, I have not yet had any problems with this service, and I cannot now say how technical support works in general. If you want to use a wallet, I will give you two tips, be sure to go through the identification (as I mentioned above, it is very easy and simple), and of course do not forget to share your referral link. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Vestiaire Collective

Today's largest resale website opened in 2009, when enterprising Frenchwoman Fanny Moisan decided to deal with the consequences of the crisis in a very original way. She saw that many bloggers began to sell branded items, called friends and launched a resale platform. Since then, the company has raised $37 million in investments (including Condé Nast, by the way) and has grown to a staff of 340 employees and offices in 48 countries. Almost every major brand can be found on the site, Moisan says, but right now there is a demand for Dior, Fendi, Off-White and Celine from the Phoebe Philo era. “Many people come to us for unique and rare items, such as vintage watches and bags, as well as for must-haves from the latest collections that have just been sold out,” the founder of the company adds. The procedure for selling Vestiaire Collective is extremely simple, and sellers often manage to get up to 80% of the original price of a luxury item back. The system of badges helps to navigate the platform: they are issued to those who have made at least two successful transactions in the last four months. Today, the platform has eight million customers worldwide, and by the end of 2019, Vestiaire Collective will finally add Russia to the delivery area. resale platforms for luxury items. The online store has a number of advantages: Branded items are at least 30% cheaper than in stores. For example, Kenzo skirts, which usually cost 20-30 thousand rubles, will cost 150-200 euros here (within 16,000 rubles). In the product cards, in addition to the usual addition to the cart, the “Make an offer” option is available when you offer the seller your price for the selected item, and he agrees or refuses. You can profitably sell your own used item. The option, however, is currently not available for users from Russia. Checking each product and quality assurance. Representatives of the company ask each seller for detailed photos at the time of displaying the goods and before shipping, and the buyer, if he finds inconsistencies or a defect, takes his photos and can receive compensation. Easy return of unsatisfied goods within 72 hours. Even if you just didn't like it. You receive the proceeds from its resale. Several dozen categories of goods (more than 25,000 items appear every week). Express delivery available within 24-48 hours. Vestiaire Collective's specialists act as intermediaries between people who sell clothes, shoes, jewelry, textiles, sports equipment and other products of famous brands and buy them. At the same time, each product, as we are promised, is checked for compliance with the brand and condition. For this, the online store takes a commission from both participants in the transaction. However, the cost of things, even with this in mind, is more profitable than in ordinary stores. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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My review of Ethereum cryptocurrency

Hello everyone. Today I want to share my opinion about Ethereum cryptocurrency. Of the positive qualities I also note - Promising eco-cryptocurrency, low volatility, multifunctional platform. Cryptocurrency Ethereum - Perhaps in the future it will become the most popular and expensive. In my opinion, One of the best coins for making money! I made good money on it. A few years ago, I did not even suspect that there are such concepts as cryptocurrency. Of course, I knew about digital, electronic money: webmoney, Yandex and others, and this is where my interest in this area ended. A little later, after the appearance of the first resources with cryptocurrency and the opportunity to earn this currency, I had a curiosity - what and how to do to get it, and then turn it into real rubles. I gradually began to study this science, without getting too deep into mathematical nuances. After getting acquainted with the basics of bitcoin, a new one of those already mastered appeared on my horizon - the digital currency Ethereum. Then, in 2015 - she, like many forks at that time - cost a penny. Mining, investing, getting free - it was a huge choice of actions: I don’t want to choose. Today it is difficult to do all this because of demand and high capacities, but it is possible. Ethereum - can be purchased on any exchanger for example Shapeshift in exchange for any other. See the percentage that is charged for the transaction so as not to overpay. Dogecoin has a small percentage of transfers. Ethereum (ETH), or as the people say "Ether" - is the second cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization. It is believed that its acquisition is considered one of the safest options for investing in cryptocurrencies. From a technological point of view, it is very good, and the price confirms this. Most people are very flattering about her, with which I mostly agree. But I would also like to insert a fly in the ointment of my personal observations. The peak of popularity and price of this cryptocurrency falls on the period when ICOs were very popular, since most ICOs take place on Ethereum. At the moment, this is no longer such a popular direction, and people have partially lost confidence in ICOs, since most of them did not pay off their investments in them. Therefore, I personally have a fear that in the future she will be able to return to those price marks that were at their peak. But also, I am sure that this currency will not sink much, as it is very technologically advanced and has a number of practical applications. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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SSENSE is a Canadian online store that offers the customer a wide range of clothing and footwear and related accessories. In the store you can buy new collections of famous and fashionable brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, as well as other brands. The prices in the store are quite high. This is due to the fact that focuses on original items from famous designers. Usually such things are sold at a big discount (up to 70%). In the boutique you can find more affordable things for everyday wear. But such things usually do not attract foreign buyers. Most of them prefer to shop during seasonal sales. In addition to seasonal sales, the boutique holds short-term unscheduled promotions from time to time. During such a promotion, a discount on goods is usually 20 - 30 percent. But even if you buy a product at full price, it will still cost less than purchased in an expensive Moscow boutique. The Ssense website is especially popular among fans of the Canadian brand Canada Goose, of which it is the official dealer. Among the admirers of the Canada Goose store there are also our compatriots. To pay for the goods you like, you must have an international MasterCard or Visa card. Sometimes the site conducts a verification transaction. That is, he withdraws a meager amount from the card, and the buyer then reports how much was withdrawn. Then this money is returned back to the card. There are two shipping methods available - Canada post Airmail or UPS Express Saver International. Delivery time and it depends on the chosen company. I have been an active user of this site for 3 months now, everything is super fast, from order confirmation to delivery (from Canada to Chisinau, parcels arrive in 3-4 days). The prices are super, the assortment is the coolest, which you can easily find in Europe on Ssense. I have been shopping online for quite a long time and there were no problems with getting sizes, so I have never made a return. I think negative comments are either anti-PR, or they prevent competitors from sleeping, but, I repeat, Ssense is an excellent site. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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New Look

I recently opened this store for myself, about a year ago. But I'm glad I opened it. Everything there is so bright and beautiful - the eyes run wide. But I want to note in it dresses and sundresses, since the rest of the things are basically similar to things from other stores. What I like? - sales consultants. If you ask them, they will explain with a smile. If you want to look like, they will not swoop down on you and offer you to pick up something. - prices. Of course, there is no limit to the ideal. I want good quality for 59 rubles Smile) But the prices are quite reasonable and justified by the quality. - quality. Threads do not stick out anywhere. Things do not lose color after washing. I like everything. - sizes. I have a fairly standard figure (42-44) and often come across the fact that there are big things and small things. And mine are not. So New Look always has my size. Once there was a case. I picked out my shoes and went to the checkout. At the checkout it turned out that the price on the price tag is different from the price at the checkout. I said to call the senior and sort it out. And the saleswoman says to me: I can’t leave here, the cameras are watching me. So she waited 15 minutes for her shift (the mood was already spoiled), did not wait and went for the manager. He, of course, apologized, and made a discount. So here is a conversation between two cashiers (the shift came up later). The first one, who served me, says to the second: Well, how can I try these shoes for a lower price, if there is such a price in the database? The second replies: Well, take it cheaper, try it, and give it back. It's like we never do that. First: Well, yes. Of course, this dialogue just killed me. Well, the store itself is good, and the behavior of people will remain on their conscience. In general, I recommend.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Apple Pay

Simple solution for online shopping

Hello everyone! I love all Apple products. And Apple Pay is one of them. At first I was afraid to enter card details into my phone. This was until the moment when I tried Apple Pay in business. It is so convenient and fast that now I send all my online payments only through Apple Pay. Firstly, it is convenient to add a card to the wallet, you can simply point the camera at the card and all the data will appear on the phone screen. Secondly, in offline stores, it is enough to bring the phone screen (even if the screen is inactive) to the terminal for payment, and the application itself opens and offers your cards for payment. Thirdly, it is more necessary to go for a card or look for a photo card in order to make an online payment in an online store. Everything is so fast and simple that I am delighted. But there is also a downside. I personally noticed that I began to make impulsive purchases online more often precisely because of Apple Pay, because it is enough to start with one button and you have already bought the product. And before, I had to go to my bag for a card, get it out, that is, sometimes, laziness and the absence of such a fast payment system like Apple Pay saves me from impulsive unnecessary purchases on the Internet. Therefore, keep in mind, this is my personal experience and I was pleased to share this experience. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I don’t know where such complaints come from, but I myself am satisfied with and there may have been some issues with delays, but the support service responds quickly and resolves all issues, I think if someone has problems with delays then who want to get a card from crypto. com a lot and they just can't keep up. I do not know where such complaints come from, but I myself am satisfied with and there may have been some issues with delays, but the support service responds quickly and resolves all issues, I think if someone has problems with delays then who want to get a card from crypto. com a lot and they just can't keep up.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I want to say a huge thank you to Apple for all of his projects. I love everything about Apple phones, their designs, upgrades, colors to choose from when buying. They never hang or glitch. And also, I like that when changing an old phone to a new one, all contacts, applications, photos are saved. It's great. Previously, all the data had to be saved to another hard drive and write down all contacts in a notepad)) Therefore, now with the iPhone XS I feel like a real modern person.I want to say a huge thank you to Apple for all of his projects. I love everything about Apple phones, their designs, upgrades, colors to choose from when buying. They never hang or glitch. And also, I like that when changing an old phone to a new one, all contacts, applications, photos are saved. It's great. Previously, all the data had to be saved to another hard drive and write down all contacts in a notepad. Therefore, now with the iPhone XS I feel like a real modern person. I perfectly understand that the price of such a phone is high, but I am for the quality and convenience, therefore, for me it is better to buy such a phone for 3-5 years than to change cheap phones every 1-2 years देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Marks & Spencer

This is one of my favorite womenswear stores. Yesterday I bought a jacket there. Before that, I bought a beautiful blouse. The quality is super, there are no spools and clues after 6 months of active wear. I really like the quality of the goods in this store. Plus, they often have different promotions for their next purchase. I was given such a certificate and I will definitely go shopping in this store again in October. The only negative is that it is difficult for my spouse to find a size for thin ones here. But for me the store is great, size 6 fits me perfectly in any category. There are also good gloves and scarves, I also bought it several times देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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