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Recensione su KuCoin di Douglas Cachazo

KuCoin: cambio valuta per criptovalute, il nuovo il migliore!

Se stai cercando una casa di scambio sicura, veloce e molto buona, qui ce l'hai. Dà l'impressione che abbiano preso le cose buone da altri cambiamenti e le abbiano aggiunte per la loro creazione, Molti vantaggi, Fondata nel 2017, opera a Hong Khong, opera con molte criptovalute e token, ha una capacità di elaborazione ad alto volume, inoltre ha un pacchetto di incentivi molto interessante, include la possibilità di guadagnare interessi, la commissione più bassa sul mercato. Ogni azienda deve avere più di un fornitore dei suoi input di cui ha bisogno per operare per vari motivi. Per analogia consiglio di avere diverse case di scambio per le sue criptovalute poiché ognuna avrà ciò di cui hai bisogno, infatti mi sono registrato in kucoin e sarà un altro dei miei preferiti, la registrazione è molto semplice, con la posta e un codice di verifica e basta . Mi piace il suo sito web, anche se potrebbe creare un po' di confusione per i principianti che non padroneggiano tutti i concetti, consente lo scambio di alcune valute fiat in criptovalute, acquisti con carte di credito (fiat in cripto), scambio di asset digitali. Funziona con molte criptovalute consentendo scambi tra di loro, scambio istantaneo a zero commissioni e scambi di grandi quantità. Gestire i contratti. Per guadagnare interessi, ha diverse modalità come: prestare denaro, guadagnare per mantenere le tue criptovalute e token, se acquisti i loro token e li tieni guadagni un bonus, bonus di affiliazione, piano di riferimento ricevi un bonus per ogni persona che inviti . Su KuCoin senza deposito minimo o limitazioni di transazione. Important Data opera con molte criptovalute incluso Revain.

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Kucoin Exchange Review Update

It's been a little over a year since I wrote the review about this centralized exchange. It has been founded more than 4 years ago and it has evolved a lot in that time, currently in liquidity is ranked among the top three and for many is considered the best exchange, before going into detail of what I observe has improved, I want to note that the exchange went through difficult times as it was the subject of a hack with massive theft of assets,

On the eve of the hacking I had a problem with my account which was detected an unauthorized external access to me, the account was blocked and the process to activate was cumbersome and poorly handled by the technical support, who put many obstacles to confirm my identity and activation of my account again, more than two weeks passed and my assets remained blocked, which hurt me personally, they asked me for requirements that I could not provide, but finally the problem was solved and I withdrew to binance, days later came the hacking that put the platform in suspense, after the situation I decided to continue using the exchange and I do not regret it, the results have been good for me, a lot of security because now we have two level authentication, mail and google authenticator, for many something tedious but believe me it is a necessary evil for our security.

Hijacking and asset theft

They managed to steal more than 300 million dollars by hacking hot wallets, however the company was very responsible and was able to make the return to users, 285 million dollars were recovered and insurance companies covered the remaining amount, I believe that the response time to users was fast given the severity of the problem, the experience was worth for the exchange to completely update its security system, to date today they have not had unwanted events like that and the exchange seems to have been strengthened in its security.

I kept Kucoin as a secure exchange

I kept it as my primary exchange on par with Binance which are my forte exchanges, in the background I use Bhex and Kuna Exchange a lot. I always recommend having several exchanges because depending on the currency you are going to trade with you may require one or the other. Personally I must increase to a large volume of exchanges since I will operate as an arbitrage, but always keeping Kucoin as a spearhead.

What improvements has the exchange experienced, The first thing is the above, a stronger and more reliable security,

It has increased the number of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs in a satisfactory way. It has also increased its liquidity which ensures that transactions are completed faster, it gives the possibility of a quick purchase of the USDT token by using a credit card, that option was not available previously, the new mining pool offers higher profits and a fee of only 2%, sweepstakes and bonuses for new users, another novelty is that it allows trading with margins. Referral program now generates commissions for your referrals View Image 0. Increased Incentives such as bonuses and interest on savings. Their KCS token reached its historical maximum this week and its growth has been continuous, at one year almost 3,000 % and at 30 days 78%. By holding KCS you get a bonus


By virtue of the above without a doubt I maintain my five star rating to this exchange and will continue to be my standard bearer exchange which I highly recommend, perhaps some people consider it difficult to operate, but I do not think so, once you start trading you become familiar with it quickly as it is very intuitive.

Vantaggi svantaggi

  • Piattaforma sicura.
  • Costi di cambio e prelievo molto bassi
  • Funziona con molte criptovalute.
  • Molti incentivi come obbligazioni e interessi
  • Ha una buona reputazione nel mercato e per essere così giovane è tra i 15 migliori.
  • Non c'è modo di supportare per telefono, solo per una chat dal vivo.
  • Opera ad Hong Kong, non so se per problemi con la Cina potrebbe portare problemi in futuro (non so)
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