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Maza: A Network with Low Value and Red Marks

Maza did not constitute the elemental value of a network in development. This projects which have been providing value for its token through a red of mining services are not reliable and efficient for the market, or the users working there. It is...See full review

I'm Lostitry - Includes "Advertising" Treatment for Mazacoin ...

We have not yet determined the natural value of the mosaic development organization. These issues, which are to some extent encouraged by the Red Mine Administration, are not reliable and effective for the market or the customers working there. It...See full review

FUN is a world of smart talks and decentralized projects.

I would like to warn crypto investors about the risk of investing in MAZA because MAZA cultural coins are displayed on freiexchange and some scientific sales are different. This simple idea does not mention a writer who has no immortal explanation...See full review

MAZA, CRYPT Have great connections with tighter wallets.

This is a digital currency intended for mining, regardless of whether the cash is used to buy or trade labor and products. The unusual thing about this chain is that the chains or DAPPs next to it can be created in spite of excellent contracts...See full review

📢 Red flagged cryptocurrency.

The MAZA team has been inactive since 2018, This statement is enough to predict the MAZA project. Be that as it may, an active community may resurrect the coin, and putting resources into it might get long-haul returns. While it remains a POW-based...See full review

Maza: contributing to the economic independence of indigenous populations

Certain founders of crypto projects focus their objectives on designing digital currencies to contribute to the economic growth of certain jurisdictions, sectors or groups. MAZA is a digital asset designed to systematize the commerce of the Oglala...See full review


This is a cryptocurrency like any other designed for mining in addition to the use of its currency for the purchase or exchange of goods and services. What makes this chain special is that side chains or DAPPs can be developed in addition to smart...See full review

I disagree - the "Public Relations" for Mazacoin involves treating the…

I disagree - the "Public Relations" for Mazacoin involves treating the community with contempt while they make grandiose statements about their importance. There isn't much the community can do while the developers maintain this attitude, they may...See full review

this might be an old thread but i guess translation of this ANN into some…

this might be an old thread but i guess translation of this ANN into some other language will still promote the coin especially for those non-english traders and investor. on that case i can do the Filipino translation. look at the buy order side...See full review

Congratulations to Hillbillyjoker, who now owns a Radeon 7750 for the bargain…

Congratulations to Hillbillyjoker, who now owns a Radeon 7750 for the bargain basement price of 10,000 MZC, including shipping. Up now at the Mazacoin Marketplace is a dazzling iPod shuffle. Bid your hearts out. It'll be a collector's item soon...See full review