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Review on AngelPad by Adedamola Adeniji

AngelPad: Truly An Angel To Startups, With Excellent Track Record and Best Funding Ever.

AngelPad isn't just a highly rated start up accelerator company by MIT's United States accelerator rankings, but it offers startups mentors with rich and vast experience with thorough knowledge of the growth system of start ups to full fledge entrepreneurs.

AngelPad offers its startups a 10 week long incubation mentoring program with seed money and networking in view.

Launched in 2010 by Thomas Korte with six other ex- employees of Google

On the Demo day the start ups have the opportunity to present thier values proposition and idea to investors and capitalist

It has well over 2.2 billion dollars in portfolio funding and 5 billion dollars in exited portfolio. In addition to this AngelPad has successfully launched well over 150 companies

I have come to discover for myself that one of the distinguishing factor between AngelPad and others is that it is consistent in its mission to seek companies with great Potentials and make them greater, not switching as the occasion serves, such Startup accelerator is worth been number one.

After I have watched testimonies upon testimonies of startup founders who have gone through this program like: Conner McCormick from Lotspot, Matt Sole from Zeal, and Kate Hofmannfrom Spacy studios, to mention just a few, I am more than convinced that getting to work with AngelPad is a major break for startups

Pros & cons

  • Strong track record of impeccable operation history.
  • Offers post programme services to startups and builds a relationship between them and alumni of the program.
  • Excellent social media presence.
  • It has successfully launched well over 150 companies.
  • None for now.
Adedayo Adeniji
February 13, 2021
Good review with perfect insights to what due is known for , I gained knowledge reading your review and I will still check back for update on this. Well done and do well to update soon.