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Review on MicroVentures by Jorge Hernández

diversified investment platform

Finding reliable and profitable investment options is a challenge investors must take on when choosing equity products and companies that truly inspire confidence.

To help you this work; MicroVentures is a responsible partner that gives you the opportunity to participate in investment instruments offered by private equity organizations.

But MicroVentures not only provides various investment modalities; rather, it provides the investor with advice and recommendations on the management of their investments.

What makes it different from other investment platforms?

 Accompaniment in the selection of investment modalities

 Verified listing of investment platforms, products and services

 Recognized team of financial advisers

 Free advice to investors

 Secure access to private equity companies

 Autonomy to make financial decisions

 Reliable storage of investment products in a digital portfolio

 Permanent notifications on the movement of investment products

 Diversity of investment instruments with the security of blockchain technology, which include support for startups, investment in companies in the intermediate phase and complete training

 Stock trading (buy / sell)

 Offers telephone service to provide advice and consulting to those who wish to make decisions related to investment opportunities

With the description of these characteristics it is clearer to us that MicroVentures in addition to serving as a support organization for companies in all phases of their development; simultaneously offers investors the opportunity to be part of the growth and development of valuable projects by contributing capital and generating profits for it.

Pros & cons

  • Offers diverse investment products
  • Certified and safe investment products
  • Provides autonomy to investors
  • Offers a team of tutors willing to educate investors
  • Requires a minimum capital of $ 100 to invest