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Paypal, a respite for Emerging Economies

Paypal is one of the oldest and one of the leading payment platforms, founded and headquartered in the United States.

With more than 200 million subscribers, Paypal has become one of the most popular and reliable payment methods worldwide. In countries with economies as deteriorated as the one in our country (Venezuela), Paypal has become a salvation table for people with small and medium businesses as well as for entrepreneurs who wish to make their transactions in USD. This economic practice, trading in foreign currency, is the only one that guarantees that your investment will not be devalued as quickly as it happens when it is made in national currency (Bolivares).

The registration in Paypal is very simple, the transactions are fast and easy and the commissions per transaction are low, for these reasons new businesses and commercial establishments are joining more and more to the Paypal family in our country.

I personally have been using Paypal since 2015 and it has really been a great help to make payments for my small business that otherwise would not have been possible, I have operated without major problems and it is very reliable.

Pros & cons

  • Registration on its platform is easy
  • The operations are make in a simple way
  • Every day the number of users is growing in our country
  • Low commissions per transaction
  • There have been delays in the reimbursement of purchases not completed.
  • Does not allow transactions in cryptocurrencies
Douglas Cachazo
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