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Review on AngelPad by Douglas Cachazo

AngelPad: One of the leading companies in the so called incubators.

Starting a project if you do not have the financial support and advice is uphill, the vast majority of successful projects have it, except projects that come from the fork of another and open source do not require much as they take much of the original project in open source to improve the base project, others are developed by a large community, but require a large team to coordinate everything.

That is why projects like Angelpad are so important, whose objective is to support small entrepreneurs to make their projects successful,

There are many similar projects, some call them incubators, others call this one accelerators, but basically they are the same, they pursue the same goal, what differentiates them is the way they operate,

Founded in 2010, it is eloquent the number of companies that they have financed and advised leading them to be successful, additionally they have collected the exorbitant amount of 2 billion dollars for funded companies.

How do they operate? Angelpad has a group of investors to cover the selected companies for financing, they have a team of initiators or advisors to provide support to the selected companies, there are no restrictions as to the location of the companies or entrepreneurs to support, but it is required an in-person interview that takes place at its headquarters in the United States if the initial proposal is accepted.

Initiatives like Angelpad should be applauded, personally I highly recommend this project, unfortunately the acceptance rate is very low, only 1% of all applications are accepted, an average of 15 per year, the other bad news is that the issue of the pandemic last year were stopped counseling until further notice.

Pros & cons

  • Eloquent number of companies financed and capital accumulated.
  • Finances and advises new companies
  • Guided many companies to success
  • More than $2 billion in cumulative financing
  • Nothing to say