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Review on AngelPad by Amos joseph

Angelpad accelerator program

AngelPad is a financial support company helping startup company with follow up training session of average three months program whereby training and supporting these new startup companies with both financial support and coaching on how they can grow their business.

There are currently supportive program today that have helped thousands of startup companies today and AngelPad is a recognized San Francisco New York base company founded since 2010 which have realized fund in billions to support business users and entrepreneurs today.

Applicants who get accepted on AngelPad accelerator program will be trained on how to run a successful business how to setup fundraising program how they can thrive in the financial markets.
( all application will be probably selected or approve base on how the applicants tender their requirements and criteria used for starting their company there are multiple application which will be reviewed but basically few will be selected and trained )

In general what AngelPad accelerator program does is to help you develop a well established business from stratch with much support from expert and business guru basically there is financial support also which can help the new company get started immediately after the training.
Apparently over 150+ companies have been funded with over 2.2 billion fund raised so far in the program.
AngelPad is recognize and recommended by MIT and other high profile company in the world which makes it a transparent company to help startup business entrepreneur.

Pros & cons

  • Have help multiple startup business entrepreneur to setup business from stratch
  • There expert and community members mentoring and training new users on how to setup fundraising program in business
  • The company is well recognize and trusted by high profile company like MIT
  • New application can be approved and accepted from every region
  • Not much to say