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Review on Acceleprise by Ufuk Yıldırım

Review on Acceleprise..

It is a company founded by an elite of businessmen and experienced people and also supporting the businessmen to be a interconnected system that exchanges ideas and suggestions and presents all its work to consultants belonging to that system. It directs proposals and projects across 150 companies, which impressed me that this company Offers 50 new investments per year, so it has owned 600 mutual funds with Accelerator, has proven its presence in North America and has achieved real success on a large scale in the continent. She had a successful experience with 150 companies in a hierarchy with the senior founders and connected them with a workshop programmed with new clients to help build and succeed companies and after undergoing the work program they received 8 grades.
In your opinion, dealing with this company provides you with the opportunity to establish your business and company to compete with international companies and thus make it easier to deal with them. And also having a portfolio that cares about investors and entrepreneurs and creates programs that lead to real projects characterized by an ecosystem that provides its partners a journey from zero to the top and develop their relationship with large companies.

Pros & cons

  • The most powerful accelerator company in the world
  • Nothing