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Review on ASU Venture Devils by Benedict Patrick

My review on ASU ventures devil.

ASU ventures devil is an affiliate marketing that seeks to expose the minds and ideas of ASU staffs,univerities(both undergraduates and postgraduate studies) to get to a responsive height in business. It seeks to unite the ASU community with a source of unique mentorship and enable them develop into entrepreneurs although there may be risk involved in making such decisions but it stands for every ASU body.

It major objective over the years has been thesame improving and catalysing entrepreneurs in various coaches of investment and in so doing the act as a broker to build up the community of ASU in the field of entrepreneurship investment.

However the develop and advance the development of venture investment.The are involved in promoting market situations from within and outside the ASU community.

Pros & cons

  • It is an ASU community.
  • It is involved in explicit exploration of quality matched mentors.
  • It is an affiliate market.
  • It is free,fast and reliable especially when it comes to using the platform tool.
  • Nothing obtainable yet.