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Review on MicroVentures by Christian Patrick

My perspective on Microventures.

Microventures is a privately owned website whose webpage contain investment and brokerage in financial analysis. It has one of the different market pattern,onlike Dorm Room fund where the company finances and give creational recommendations for it registered clients but the reverse is the case for microventures. They are not in the position of making recommendations or applying unique business terms to their customer's investment.

Microventures is one of the biggest creation website which contains cookies and also involves high tech. C-programming languages with involvement of php and phythom on the background display.

However, they are involved in promoting business by standing in between the scene so as to carry and ensure that projects done within the website is carried out successful without channelling challenge to the teams.

Pros & cons

  • It is privately owned investment company.
  • It is concerned in engaging brokerage in investment.
  • It is free and reliable to access.
  • It doesn't stand in gap for giving recommendations to clients.
  • It is not a fund raising platform.