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43North: Financing entrepreneurs directly and indirectly.

A project of the type called incubators aimed at financing and guiding entrepreneurs who plan projects with a view to settle in the city of Buffalo, the second largest city in the state of New York…See more

A project sought by those who want to improve themselves and find support

43 North is a US-based company that evaluates user projects and provides support if deemed appropriate. They work very actively on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram .. They…See more

Review on 43North by Umut Y.

43North I don't actually work out what to write and where to start by explaining and writing my experience about this company because it's so great, but first I want to tell all the readers to read…See more

Review on 43North by Rama..

It is a New York-based company that is supportive of entrepreneurs offering annual prizes of up to five million dollars. These awards are presented through an annual competition in which…See more