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Review on Cobin Angels by Ufuk.

Cobin is a group of entrepreneurs who own capital and contribute to supporting startups and investing their money in them, thereby inflating the company and developing a plan to implement its…See more

Cobin Angels. The startup launchpad for Poland ideas

Cobin angels stands as a community club founded for both the angel investors and startups. The platform stands as an intermediary group between both sides offering; 1. Startups the necessary…See more

Cobin Angels

It is the company of the year that strengthens Polish entrepreneurs, gives new and easy offers and sales to investors, supports mobile sales and treatment programs for cancer patients in the world…See more

My review on Cobin Angels.

It is an accelerator company established in Poland that supports businesses and start-ups to generate high material income for entrepreneurs with rare earths and extensive experience. Many awards…See more

Cobin Angels: Accelerator community for startups in Poland and countries in the region.

Cobin Anhels is not an incubator accelerator company as such, it is rather a community association composed of investors with a view to supporting ventures in Poland and the region. To apply…See more

It is an accelerator company intertwined with Europe.

Cobin Angels see themselves as good angels for businesses, as the name suggests. It is an accelerating platform that enables businesses and companies to develop themselves, realize the necessary…See more

My review about Cobin Angels

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about Cobin Angels. Cobin Angels were created in Poland in 2015. The company works in accelerator, union, incubators and some other industries. The…See more

A company where you shouldn't have too many expectations

Cobin Angels is an organization that supports entrepreneurs from the first to the last stages. The most famous feature of this company is its extreme transparency. It is a working company based in…See more


This is the platform that gives what startup needs, for any startup to succeed it need not only capital for investment, but it equally need knowledge and skill to put anything it has into use and…See more