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Review on CryptantCrab by gregori cordova

a super addictive game with endless combinations to generate income

Blockchain technology continues on its way into various areas of our daily lives, at the same time that many more people have discovered the benefits it brings. Such is the case of the video game industry, which handles some 2.5 billion people worldwide and in which the blockchain has been making itself known in recent years. In this consolidated industry, the blockchain offers important innovations such as non-fungible or NFT tokens that allow their owners the possibility of freely exchanging them for other digital assets in the market and that have advanced levels of security against piracy, already that remain immutable on the blockchain. In this sense, the game developers Appxplore (iCandy) have created Cryotancrab, a game based on the ethereum blockchain that has a huge variety of virtual crabs that present multiple combinations that we must perform, such as changing legs or claws to obtain crabs with Unique traits with different types of strengths that will allow them to have more skills when facing other crabs in combat. We can make these combinations through the use of cryptant, a material that we can buy in the Marketplace or win in battles and is a kind of food for your crabs. There are more than 1 million combinations that can be achieved in this game, and each one has its own variations that differentiate them from the others, for example, by mutating you can give your crab some legendary abilities that will make it stronger in the games. battles and at the same time get experience points. You also have the possibility to buy in the integrated marketplace, crab tokens worth 0.025 ether that will be used to participate in more challenges and tournaments and have the possibility of winning great prizes in ether

In general, this is one of the most fun games that runs under the ethereum blockchain where participants can choose to have crabs with many combinations that will allow them to win precious prizes through the frequent tournaments that can be accessed.

Pros & cons

  • All cryptancrabs are immutable and remain in a secure environment on the ethereum blockchain
  • The team behind this project is the company Icandy, expert software developers in the gaming industry
  • There are more than 1 million combinations and each one is exclusive for each user
  • Each crab will have a unique value in the market and the more rare and powerful their abilities are at the time of battles, the more expensive they will be.
  • In each battle users have the possibility to win rewards in cryptant or ethereum
  • If you have a metamask or coinbase wallet you can access to play cryptancrabs without any problem when sending ether
  • The game is available for both phones and computers
  • both the price of the starter pack and some items on their marketplace are a bit expensive