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About CryptoDozer

CryptoDozer is a blockchain-powered arcade game with the aim of collecting dolls by dropping coins. Dolls that you collect during gameplay are convertible to cryptocurrencies(Ether, ETH). CryptoDozer offers both PC Web and mobile versions.

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CryptoDozer an exceptional game

Today I will talk about my experience with CryptoDozer. First of all this is a good game where we will keep ourselves quite entertained and have a chance to win prizes. The interface it has is small, so this will allow us to get everything quickly...See full review

It can be one of the most fun games to spend your time with.

Something funny is that in which you have got loose time and whilst you are bored you can make coins playing the video games. For me one of the maximum fascinated video games for playing and incomes cash is CryptoDozer. Game is easy and very fun...See full review

CryptoDozer an interesting and reliable game.

Hello Today's fun game review is CryptoDozer. This game is one of the most well-designed games. game is a great game and one of the best games for fun. I really liked this ame. I also play this game with my siblings and friends. We feel very...See full review

Have Fun and Earn with CryptoDozer

Something funny is that where you have free time and when you are bored you can make coins playing the games. For me one of the most interested games for playing and earning coins is CryptoDozer. Game is easy and very fun. If you are real gamer...See full review

Another paid game

It is a blockchain project built on the Ethereum network. You must have the ERC-20 wallet. You need to link your Metamask account to the game from the computer. You collect and sell dolls in the game. Your main source of earnings is babies. The...See full review

One of the most popular games recently: CryptoDozer

Hello everyone, ladies, ladies, today I will present you my review of the CryptoDozer game, which is a game from the games section. Thanks in advance to all who read and do not read. Thanks to the specific tasks given by the game, we earn a lot...See full review

Cryptodozer review, 2020

Playing game investing time and money a times is interesting, it is an arcade game where earners can earn etherium by collecting dolls. Every doll has its own token. The PLA is also the cryptodozer token. You purchased the doll with your PLA and...See full review


In my article today, I will talk about another crypto game, CryptoDozer. As is known, this game is one of the DApp games. Let's look together; You can collect different types of babies in the game and earn ETH. For the chance to win ETH rewards...See full review


When I go into trying out these games, my partner Metamask Wallet likes to connect to the game address. However, he couldn’t keep playing because I had to invest in Ethereum and still refuel, but I didn’t have Ethereum at the time. This game is...See full review

A game to entertain yourself and win.

When looking for true entertainment, Crypto Dozer reflects how a good option to have a good time, while having fun, you have the opportunity to receive good rewards. This game has very good quality graphics and a compelling and easy to understand...See full review