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Ethereum पर Daria Logunova द्वारा समीक्षा करें

My review of Ethereum cryptocurrency

Hello everyone. Today I want to share my opinion about Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Of the positive qualities I also note - Promising eco-cryptocurrency, low volatility, multifunctional platform.

Cryptocurrency Ethereum - Perhaps in the future it will become the most popular and expensive.

In my opinion, One of the best coins for making money! I made good money on it.

A few years ago, I did not even suspect that there are such concepts as cryptocurrency. Of course, I knew about digital, electronic money: webmoney, Yandex and others, and this is where my interest in this area ended. A little later, after the appearance of the first resources with cryptocurrency and the opportunity to earn this currency, I had a curiosity - what and how to do to get it, and then turn it into real rubles. I gradually began to study this science, without getting too deep into mathematical nuances.

After getting acquainted with the basics of bitcoin, a new one of those already mastered appeared on my horizon - the digital currency Ethereum. Then, in 2015 - she, like many forks at that time - cost a penny. Mining, investing, getting free - it was a huge choice of actions: I don’t want to choose. Today it is difficult to do all this because of demand and high capacities, but it is possible.

Ethereum - can be purchased on any exchanger for example Shapeshift in exchange for any other. See the percentage that is charged for the transaction so as not to overpay. Dogecoin has a small percentage of transfers.

Ethereum (ETH), or as the people say "Ether" - is the second cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization. It is believed that its acquisition is considered one of the safest options for investing in cryptocurrencies. From a technological point of view, it is very good, and the price confirms this. Most people are very flattering about her, with which I mostly agree. But I would also like to insert a fly in the ointment of my personal observations. The peak of popularity and price of this cryptocurrency falls on the period when ICOs were very popular, since most ICOs take place on Ethereum. At the moment, this is no longer such a popular direction, and people have partially lost confidence in ICOs, since most of them did not pay off their investments in them. Therefore, I personally have a fear that in the future she will be able to return to those price marks that were at their peak. But also, I am sure that this currency will not sink much, as it is very technologically advanced and has a number of practical applications.

img 1 Ethereum के साथ Daria Logunova की समीक्षा से जुड़ा है
img 2 Ethereum के साथ Daria Logunova की समीक्षा से जुड़ा है
img 3 Ethereum के साथ Daria Logunova की समीक्षा से जुड़ा है

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  • Promising eco-cryptocurrency, low volatility, multifunctional platform
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