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Really Interesting Singapore Bityard Exchange


This is a Singapore-based contract exchange. Launched in 2019, it operates under 4 different licenses.

Namely, these licenses are from:

  • Singapore (ACRA)
  • USA (MSB)
  • Estonia (MTR)
  • Australia (AUSTRAC)

This makes it one of the most regulatory compliant exchanges available.

It currently operates in more than 150 countries 24 hours a day, every day. affordability is one of the reasons why it has such a good liquidity and presence in the market.

Not only does it offer trading contracts, but it also offers them with a margin. Margin of operations allows the trader to open operations for more than he owns. The trader can borrow the difference between what he has and what he wants to trade.

Newbies may find contract and margin trading a bit tricky. However, it promises to simplify these complex trades. The exchange aims to do this by offering traders, of all skill levels, access to a user-friendly trading platform.

If you are a newbie trader, he may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the new concepts and terms. That is the exact reason why it was launched. The creators identified the need for a simple and accessible trading option, especially for novice investors.

Despite being a relatively young exchange, it is already growing in reputation and is well respected. The exchange also retained Muay Thai boxing champion Buakaw Banchamek as its brand ambassador.

The Platform has a very simple and easy to understand interface. In fact, registration takes less than a minute. Also, the process can be completed using your email address or mobile phone number. A few months ago they offered a union bonus of 258 USDT in a secure trading wallet.

They also include a demo account that allows novice traders to learn without the added fear of making a mistake.


Overall, Bityard has done everything possible to provide quality services and a good user experience. The interface is easy to use with many useful tools. User support is also available if required. Low barriers to entry make it easy for anyone to get up and running in a matter of minutes. Its wide range of margins also caters for a diverse user group. It also offers various services, including spot trading and copy trading, which very well diversify the services offered. The ability to make deposits in multiple currencies is also a notable benefit. Low interest and transaction fees also add to a great user experience. They offer great security and the opportunity to negotiate complex contracts simply, just as promised.

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  • Easy-to-use interface with understandable intuitive instructions.
  • It supports and has a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Supports operator anonymization through OTC operations without the need for KYC (Except for fiat withdrawals).
  • Multiple layers of security such as PIN wallets, two-factor authentication and cold wallets that cannot be hacked.
  • Anonymity limited by KYC requirement for fiat withdrawals.
  • Withdrawals are only available in USDT and most trading pairs only have USDT as their base currency.

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11月 26, 2021
I didn't know about this exchange, it looks good; The reasons for liquidity are reasonable. I don't know how to trade with Margin, I don't know if I dare to do it. I see that Bityard has the lovely Revain token among its pairs. If this week i could win some (I will try to make it so) it will be a good pretext to try the traditional Spot. Good contribution, a pleasure to read your review.