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Review on Genius Assets by Gerald Benard

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Genius Assets projects finds Real Estate tokenization.

They dominance of Crypto Projects has forced the extension to cut across Real estate market as today it contributes irrationally to the economy in most situations. Genius Assets is a face interactive platform and so much concerned on digital advancement of it project by frame to frame; It is one project that offers it investors with double-sided opportunity to invest directly in real estate and as well in fractional ownership Program. It does this to create an eco-friendly system where not only the Project owners have major or full responsibility on the market and how it trends but small-scale holders can actively participate and still own a fraction of the assets without much being put into it. Genius assets aims on Blockchain technology and crypto tokenization so as to remove the middle party agent in dealings but on it Path creating a secured Link with it Investors and the Asset owner who intend to sell either the complete asset or any value of it to willing buyers. By so doing, everyone are certain of enjoying less gas fees plus reduced taxation levels.

  • It optimises support for security to prevent unsafe activities for it investors.
  • It provide a native token IUX in which can be used to make investments and operate in transactions on the platform.
  • Genius Assets provides NFTs which can be acquired either in fraction or a whole.
  • Genius Assets will translate into a steady stream of funds for all users.
  • None for this particular project prior to it useful content.

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