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Review on MicroVentures by İlqar Agayev


Hello there. The review I will write today will be about MicroVentures. MicroVentures is a US based company created in 2009. Honestly, this is the first time I am writing a review about an accelerator company, but from my research I realized that this company may be different from the others. First I will write about customer satisfaction. It is clear that the company attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, because most of the feedback from customers I have seen is positive. This is a little difficult to achieve, but MicroVentures did.

According to my research, most other companies only accept certain people as customers. But it opens its doors to all people with MicroVenture talent. I think this company, which has a great strategy, will be recognized by many people in the near future. The official site is also available and from this site we can find answers to almost any questions we have in mind. This is my review for now, thank u for reading.

Pros & cons

  • According to my research, it carries out a different and creative strategy than other companies.
  • Great emphasis is placed on customer satisfaction
  • I think it will be recognized by many people in the future thanks to its work
  • I think there is no noticeable bad side