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Review on PayPal by Michael Miller

They're better now!

PayPal has undergone a transformation over the last few days due to pressure from competing platforms like Venmo and Cash. In the past, it was difficult to sent money to family/friends without paying fees. PayPal finally puts the trust in the user's hand and makes this easy.

The OneTouch feature makes online transactions quick. When I purchase an asset on a website, i.e. a loot box in a game, I no longer need to enter my password every time.

Finally, I've found that they get money into my checking account very quickly, usually on the next business day. Their wire fee is only 1%, which is great, but I've found I don't even need to do that since I can typically wait a day.

Pros & cons

  • Non-wired bank transfers are very fast
  • Sending money to friends and family without paying fees is now easier than in the past
  • OneTouch makes transactions fast and easy
  • Not widely accepted for p2p business transactions when compared to Venmo et al