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Nokian Tires Nordman 7 175/70 R13 82T Winter Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Nokian Tires Nordman 7 175/70 R13 82T Winter

Nordman 7 - reliability for changeable winter weather. The new, reliable and durable Nokian Nordman 7 studded tires provide safe and comfortable driving in difficult and variable climatic conditions. The Nordman 7 is the second life of the well-proven Hakkapeliitta 7 tires for regions with difficult climatic conditions. Nokian Tires Nordman 7 tires combine modern technological solutions aimed at achieving a high level of safety on winter roads and at an affordable price. The Nordman 7 winter tire is available in 24 sizes for wheels from 13 to 17 inches in diameter. Like its predecessors, the mode...


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best thing I've ever used, I recommend it to everyone!

In general, rubber fire. I recommend. Well done Nokian as always Its pros: Low noise, not a single spike flew out for a full season. I traveled around the city (consider open asphalt in winter) and outside the city. Rubber grips great on ice. straight fairy tale Has some cons: I think the only drawback is poor handling in a mess. But it depends on the road services. If they do their job poorly.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

Chose between them and Nordman 5, the difference in price was not significant. I read a huge number of reviews, everyone . in general, ALL have 5-10% bad reviews, by type, all the spikes fell out during the season, and so on. Review of NOKIAN №2052091

  • soft rubber Not noisy Good handling Holds the road confidently
  • Until I found it, they write that there is noise at a speed of 60-80 km / h, this did not manifest itself in me.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Disgusting, dissatisfied with the purchase.

The Nokian hotline reported that tires purchased on the market cannot be registered under an extended warranty, despite the fact that the store that sells on the market is an official dealer of these tires. Therefore, do not take it on the market. 2 pal tires without production date. Shop euro rims

  • regular rubber
  • Extended warranty scam.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I'm very happy with the product, it's very satisfying.

Washed folded rest stand now. Got pros: I skated a season on it before that there was a matador, compared to the Nokian Tires Nordman 7 matador, the steering wheel is much better at many levels. Some cons: So far, they have not been revealed because I am skating the season.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent quality, absolutely not expected for such a price.

The spike is classic, there is nothing remarkable about it. But he keeps in the tire, given the conditions in Hong Kong, quite well. Has pros: For its budget, this is a tire with a very good level of grip on ice and snow. Braking is excellent and predictable. Acceleration is rather sluggish, unlike the eighth “Hakke”, but also more than worthy for your budget. Lateral slip, it seemed to me, is highly dependent on pressure. The tire likes to be inflated a little more than many drivers are used…

I noted these concerns in responses to comments by other authors. Didn't find them after a week. It is unlikely that this can speak about the quality of this product. Has some pros: Availability, received as a gift in the showroom. Satisfactory handling in certain weather conditions. Got cons: Feeling of real danger at a temperature of 0 - minus 4 degrees during snowfall or slush on the pavement. Mazda CX-5 with all electronic stability control and ABS becomes unpredictable. Braking before…

Revainrating 2 out of 5

A little disappointed, a bad purchase.

Before that, there was Nordman 4, it was clearly better, and most importantly more predictable, I thought Nordman 7 would be better in corners, due to a different stud shape, but no, it only got worse. With its pros: Perfectly keeps the car on a straight road, does not scour the rut. Works well in deep snow With its cons: Disgusting handling when cornering, as if you are driving on summer tires, whether on snow or on ice, and if the snow is soft and there is ice under it, then turn off the…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product, the best quality.

Initial operation at temperatures ranging from +5 to -2 After break-in logged more than 1,500 kilometers in one month's worth of travel The hum has disappeared, which took me by surprise because I didn't expect it in the least; the tires are outstanding. You can't even hear the rubber at all. The first 100 km/h was completed in a maximum of 80 kilometers. After 600 kilometers, I decided to test it out, and it sped to 170 kilometers per hour without a hitch. The road is in great condition, and…

  • See attached photo for installation on the Hyundai Solaris 2G Appearance. Handling is best from -5 degrees Celsius onwards with a size 195/55/R16 winter tire. The tread is free of debris and debris-sized stones; it is spotless and has a mileage of 2,670 kilometers.
  • The smell of rubber that has been stored is really offensive. There is a spike noise and a rubber rumbling between 20 and 40, and then it goes away. After 40 kilometers per hour, there is not a single sound. The sound of an airplane taking off The sound of the thorn can be heard, but it is not very loud.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

Acquired in order to equip a brand-new automobile with wheels and tires. The decision to go with Nokian was based on the knowledge gained over the course of the previous years; during that time, he traveled for more than a year on two Kalinas while using two sets of Nordman 5. For Vesta, I went with the Nordman 7, even though it was a little bit more pricey. I have high hopes that the "seven" will not let us down after seeing just one or two seasons.

  • Excellent traction, excellent capacity to traverse off-road terrain, ability to save gasoline outside of the city, high-quality, tried-and-true brand.
  • Sidewall that is very thin and pliable. On our deteriorating roadways, we need to exercise extreme caution.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best purchase in my life, I will definitely buy it again.

I was unsatisfied with the rubber up until the point where the snow started pouring out, but now I take back what I said; let it create noise, but safety is the most important thing! In addition to the review, it was discovered that the rubber was both of good quality and risk-free!

  • resolute on the ice, snow and porridge do not float, and side drift does not frighten 13 on Hakka. The 7 Tires are fantastic! rows like a tank!
  • They generate a loud noise that sounds as though the bearings have broken, and their dimensions are 195, 65, and 15. The noise level decreased as we drove almost a thousand kilometers. Strangely, three spikes fell off of each wheel on the back axle, but everything is in place on the front axle where it should be.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great quality, did not expect at all for the price.

Rubber, which I purchase for a vehicle that is not the first one. Price that won't break the bank and solid features. Someone writes noisy, but what exactly are you hoping to get out of spikes? You could add some music to the scene like you did in the most recent one, or you could roll up the car Shumkov like you did in the one before that; either way, I don't think this will be a problem.

  • Rowing in the snow with Price Clutch's boat.
  • No

Revainrating 2 out of 5

An unattractive product, an unprofitable purchase.

After having it for two months, one of the wheels developed a hernia. Because of the amount that I drive a car and the fact that I use tires from a variety of price ranges, I have not had a hernia for many years in any location. Disappointed.

  • Maintains control while producing a manageable amount of noise
  • It appears that the sidewall is quite weak.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

When I made my purchase, the shop handed me a coupon good for a free tire rotation. Not only does this not apply to tires, but the whole impression of the purchase is quite helpful.

  • At the end of October, I made the purchase of some Nokian Nordman 7 tires. Because I used them for my vehicle up to the middle of March, I can attest that the tires have a quality that is commensurate with the amount of money they cost. There were snowdrifts and bare ice, and although I can't make any claims about the tires, I was able to get the vehicles out of the snowdrifts, I didn't have to ask anyone to push me out of the way, and the anti-lock braking system (ABS) functioned normally on the ice. A little bit noisy, which is, in theory, to be expected from rubber that has a fully established tread pattern and spikes. There were no hernias or breakdowns; rather, I had to plunge into deep trenches while submerged in water. This, naturally, is still dependent on the driver; you have the ability to break the scrap. I did not pump the tire up once over the course of the winter; the pressure was maintained. Each of the pins has been properly inserted.
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