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Review on LGBTQ Network Foundation by LUIS RIVERO R

Project that seeks to connect a community in a decentralized way.

Basically, it seeks to create an LGTBQ community in the blockchain, not only to communicate with each other, but also to create campaigns that allow people to develop.

I consider that it is a good way to create an application that allows to know the different aspects of the LGTBQ community, especially in countries where it is not very accepted and from the blockchain, secure environments can be established where it can be shared without any type of retaliation.

The token so far has little utility and has little presence in large exchanges, but it may be because it still needs more use, that is, services can be paid and a demand for the asset is generated.

In general, it seeks to create a global network for ĹGTBQ people and as indicated by more than 10% of the world population this can be a really interesting market if you know how to take advantage of it. (This market generates a lot of money, especially in luxury items) Currently there are no other communities with similar characteristics based on blockchain.

For now it is important to emphasize that it is necessary to follow the updates, since even the data related to how they are being carried out is scarce, the truth is I hope to see more of this initiative.

One recommendation is that they use other blockchains since it is difficult to interact with ETH currently, they can choose cross models such as. Polkadot, BSC, TRX ... among other chains that will allow you to reach more DEX and more people who want to contribute to the cause.

Pros & cons

  • It seeks to create a community based on blockchain.
  • Ethereum compatible wallet.
  • Donation drives can be created for the community.
  • They are currently concentrating on creating a product that is truly inclusive.
  • endorsed and created by your community.
  • Not listed on major exchanges
  • There is a lack of data on how the updates are being made, and there is not much information on how other people can help apart from buying tokens.
  • You still need partners around the world.