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Review on MicroVentures by Olugbenga Ajayi

MicroVenture is a venture capital that accepts both accredited and non accredited investors

MicroVentureas a venture capital was fouded in 2009 in Austin, Texas, United States of America. It was founded by Bill Clark. Like other venture capital companies, Microventure is a hub where startups and founders meet investors.I will refer to MicroVentures as a small venture capital considering their revenue which is just $1M.

However, MicroVentures is a different kind of venture capital in the sense that they are opened to both accredited and non investors. Moreso, they are also like a broker in between the investors and founders. Infact im MicroVentures one does not need to have plenty money to be able to invest. With as small as $100, one can become an investor. It also an online equit crowdfunding platform.

The company accept startups with idea in software development, media and entertainment and others. There are good and positive comments about them online. Also their customer support is good enough.

I particularly find their services to be rather too expensive as there are so many fees and commissions to be paid by a startup including tge usual equity.

However i was not able to get much of the information that are necessary on their website. For instance, one does not know if their operation is opened to startup from across the globe.

Pros & cons

  • It accepts startups from different areas of life
  • It is ooenes to both accredited and non accredited
  • The program is accessible virtually
  • Application process is simple, although only successful applicants will be invited
  • There services is somehow expensive
  • Revenue size is still small