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Review on The White Spaces Show by Mehdi hazni

My opinion about The White Spaces Show

1. Introduction

This review of mine is very different from my other reviews, because we on the Revain platform have always reviewed projects and companies, but now it is the subject of a show that is similar to ours, professionally and of course Video Show.

White Spaces Show is an online program hosted by Pavel Jakovlev that challenges new technologies and shares the experiences of some successful people in these fields as well as investing with us.

First of all, one of the positive points of this program, and of course I mean most of the presenter, Pavel, is that he speaks clearly. Because they are definitely international technology enthusiasts, and performers with accents like American English make it difficult for those whose first language is not English to understand.

2. How is this show broadcast?

According to my research, this show is not broadcast on TV and its focus is on Youtube media. Given that the subject of these episodes is companies and technology issues, it is a good thing that Youtube and the official website have been chosen for these broadcasts, and this show does not use the old and traditional method of broadcasting on TV.

The Youtube Channel has a lot of videos (at the time of writing this review, 116 videos have been uploaded) which I think is a kind of sloppiness and it would have been better to upload miscellaneous videos other than The White Spaces Episodes on a separate Youtube channel.

Of course, the episodes are in a separate Playlist on this channel, but there are many people who are not familiar with this type of category on Youtube.

3. How is the video content of this show?

I liked the energy of Pavel's performance and the positive energy it gives makes people not lose their desire to watch this Youtube Show. So far 3 Episodes have been broadcast and each time the topics have been discussed with the help of an experienced guest.

Intermediate music (music played after the introduction of a guest, for example) is a bit long, and I think a break of up to 3 seconds can be more appropriate. Especially at the beginning of the program, due to the large number of these intermediate music, sometimes bored people interrupt the show and regret it.

4. Content that is reviewed in shows

The type of content is simple and is very suitable for people who do not have much information about technologies. In my opinion, these shows can be a kind of online training class!

I never see my future from the past to the end of my life as an employee doing routine work and I always like to have my own project and my own company. With the help of these videos, me and people like me can use the experiences of the guests of this show before starting their own business and make fewer mistakes in starting their work.

According to a friend of mine who has just started his own company, every Start-Up has only trial and error for at least a year, after which it can be profitable. The good news is that with The White Spaces Show you can get help from the test results of others' mistakes and get a good profit sooner.

Of course, Show content isn't just about start-ups, and Pavel and guests help people whose businesses have been around for years and want to improve it by reviewing big tech companies like Uber.

Pros & cons

  • This performance does not use television for broadcasting (because I think television is traditional and popular and not suitable for this show that has its own audience and explores new technology topics)
  • Energetic performer and speaking it clearly
  • The topics covered are informative
  • The guests (so far) all have a lot of experience in what is being reviewed
  • The personal interest of the host of this show in the topics that make the viewer more attracted to them.
  • It is informative for both people who want to start a new business and people who want to grow their business.
  • The content is interesting, I suggest that for more fame, the anthology also share the best tips on Instagram (I did not find an Instagram Page for this Show). Because Instagram is designed in such a way that attractive content can quickly attract viewers' friends.
  • More ads are needed for this show, according to Alexa statistics, the show's website traffic is very low. Youtube channel subscribers are less than 100 and no video has more than 1000 views so far.
  • It would have been better if only the main episodes of the Show were uploaded to the Youtube Channel so that people unfamiliar with the youtube platform and playlists could easily find the episodes.
Stephen Toluwani
January 09, 2021
Wow. Tight review. I also had an issue with the background music playing for long but getting to understand that the show was being broadcast live, the need for a break was right there. But at the same time, after the live streaming has ended, it would have been more appreciated if those episodes gets trimmed