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Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB Gold
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Model NameSMG930VZKA
Wireless CarrierVerizon
BrandSamsung Electronics
Form FactorSmartphone
Memory Storage Capacity32 GB
Operating SystemAndroid
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About Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB Gold

Locked to Verizon Wireless. 5.1" Quad Super AMOLED display. 12 MP dual-pixel rear-facing camera and 5 MP front-facing camera. IP68 water-resistant rating. 3,000mAh battery.

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Global ratings 165

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A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

-before that he was the owner of Nokia: 6100, 6230i, 6233, N81 and N85, all were the best in their era, but the loudest and longest-playing was -6233, which I remember . -then I switched to Samsung: Galaxy S1, S4 . and now the owner of s7 . perhaps the last best smartphone in terms of display and camera, and I recommend it to everyone . -I have a model Samsung Galaxy S7 32Gb (SM-G930V) on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor from Verizon, (CDMA, GSM, 4G) everything works fine.

An ideal product for any type of consumer.

Bought for my wife - very happy with it. Moved from Meizu MX5. She asked me for a phone with a good camera - I thought about buying an Iphone 6 or 7, but after talking and reading I realized that Apple hasn’t been a cake for a long time. I myself do not use apple products after 5s - I am disappointed. I also considered LG g5 (because it used to be g3), but it loses the abyss in design to the seven. I gave 34 for a two-term 12/28/16 not Edge. I think there are no competitors for this money. 12/09/2022. During the year of operation proved to be the best. Tons of great photos. Fell on asphalt. Still working.

Pros & cons

  • Beautiful, fast, the camera is great, the battery is good.
  • Heats up on fast charging (scary after stories with Note)

No complaints, I recommend to buy.

I bought for 30,000 in the official Samsung store. I looked at it when it came out. But then it was too expensive. Having bought did not experience "Wow!" It's a pity. Expected more. In fact, this is just a good phone, but with jambs. 4/5. Attached are pics from it.

Performs its functions, nothing unusual.

Average wrapped up nicely Pros: I paid 25–26 thousand for this phone on November 12, 2017, in an MTS salon, with a cashback. It isn't worth more. Beautiful. The camera was perfect for me. As I use my phone largely in silent mode, the indicator light is a huge plus for me. The touch button backlight is present (not everyone has this) some drawbacks Even the Chinese cellphones don't work as quickly as other smartphones (meizu, Korean-asus zenfon3). Here we have a conventional Samsung, but one that comes in a lovely box. This antenna only gives out a few divisions when other antennas have a full signal, and there are some locations where there is no connection at all. I don't know how, but I had a pink screen flickering. I called support, and they said there was a conflict because of some non-native application, even though I only installed things from the Playmarket. It was advised to work in bezovasny mode, and if that didn't work, to repair it. If it did work, then you should either…

Performs its functions, nothing unusual.

High-quality filling; outwardly impressive presentation. Therefore, the maximum rating cannot go above a 3. And get a case's worth to keep on hand. In favor are: Superb in every respect: lightning quick, brilliant display, attractive body, stock Android, and flagship status. This camera excels in dim conditions. Holding it underwater is something I'd like to do, but the thought of doing so fills me with dread. There aren't a ton of useless apps already installed, but they might be less intrusive. Now, you can charge your phone while listening to music wirelessly because to the charging port's proximity to the headphone jack. Even though the fingerprint scanner is fantastic and quick, its right setup may not be obvious at first. Several Disadvantages: A few hiccups in the user interface. The case is slippery and appears to be quite fragile; a single drop to the floor would likely result in the complete destruction of its elegant design. Numbers jumping about the screen is the sole…

The quality is at the highest level, be sure to try it.

bought before release. Get a complimentary pair of GearVR virtual reality glasses. Notwithstanding the drawbacks I mentioned earlier, I believe this smartphone to be the greatest Android device for 2022. Certain benefits 1. The picture on the screen (display) is the clearest, most beautiful, and most pronounced in all lighting conditions. 2. The best Android smartphone for battery life, using 4000mah batteries as a benchmark. We have been waiting for 10 hours of screen operation and more than 24 hours of smartphone function in general, so this is quite good. 3. Moisture protection is functional; I verified this several times. The phone functions normally even after being dropped into water while fishing, shooting underwater, or in the rain. 4. I use a phone with two SIM cards and a 64Gb Samsung Pro + memory card, which has a read/write speed of 90-95 mbps. Yes, yes, yes. We already know how to combine two SIM cards with a memory card rather than using just one SIM card and a memory…

I am satisfied, the product fully corresponds to the description.

Support from Samsung I am satisfied, but I doubt I will ever do business with this company again. Obviously, this caused the phone to lose a lot of information and settings (Samsung Cloud backup could not restore everything, google also does not synchronize all data). There are benefits to it: Excellent gadget from the "buy and don't mess around" series. Those who feel no need to use a tambourine while dancing. Some drawbacks Failed after only a year of regular use. Symptoms include it hanging up during use at random times during the past three months, rebooting itself, and then restarting itself indefinitely. I figured out a way to get it working again. After one such cycle, he completely shut down and stopped responding to the world around him. And just two weeks before the warranty expires at that. By the time I got to the Samsung service facility (which is where you need to go), it had been an hour, and they had graciously accepted the phone. After an hour, they returned it to…

Satisfied with the product, I recommend it to everyone.

The device is top-notch in every way: it is well-built, has a high-quality camera, and has been in constant usage for over a year with almost no noticeable delays. Yet a very feeble bundle of batteries — iron — screen, charging liquefies right before our eyes, and that's without even turning on the gadget. For this reason, I eventually became weary of constantly needing to be near an electrical socket and began to rely on portable power packs. has certain advantages: The overall construction and body quality are superb. You won't find a camera that's any better or worse than this one. Safety from precipitation and dirt. Andryusha 8.0, the latest official release of the system, has arrived on schedule, despite the fact that this particular model is extremely old. The availability of near-field communication and, by extension, contactless payment. A quick charge. Earphone jack 3.5mm plug. Promote OTG Use (you can connect a USB flash drive). Right now, a very tempting $24,000. The…

I do not advise buying this product, there is nothing to praise here.

I don't believe I'm by myself in this. The worst part is that you expect standard service when you purchase a brand's flagship product, but instead you get a pig's attitude. Because of the incredibly poor quality of warranty support, I won't be buying products from this brand in the future. some advantages Gorgeous smartphone. Great display; everything is bright and well visible even on a sunny day. superb camera. Even at night, the pictures are fantastic. It generally operates swiftly. On "4", a fingerprint reader. There is sufficient battery power for one day. Cons: Overpriced. The disadvantages of the edge panel's rounded edges outweigh their benefits. My use of the phone dates back around six months. Due to the persistent issue "Google play services do not operate," he contacted the warranty repair twice throughout this period. The error has not been fixed up until this point. This problem is typical for this phone, according to a letter the official support center sent me. The…

I was surprised by the quality for this price.

Its pros: I bought it in Aliexpress ( 39726770) - delivery to "my" salon 1 day! The device is awesome. There are many things. Bomb camera! Its cons: Haven't found it yet. The only autonomy, it seems, is not the same as everywhere in the reviews they write.

I am amazed at how well made the product is, just magical!

Different pros: Waterproof! This is one of the most important qualities that influenced the choice of phone) High-quality screen, good camera, firmware without glitches, regular ates Its cons: The slot for a memory card and a SIM card combined is not very convenient, the amount of built-in memory of 32GB turned out to be not enough for me

Exactly as promised by the manufacturer, high quality.

Got pros: the best camera on the market, reliability, excellent battery, especially when compared with an iPhone. this is the best phone ever Got cons: the only thing I don't like about samsung is the front camera, selfies are bad

Perfect product for any user!

With its pros. 1. Excellent screen 2. Good camera 3. Not stupid 4. Fingerprint scanner 5. Glass is not scratched 6. Advanced multitasking. Windows 7. Fast charging (1.5 hours somewhere) Its cons: Discharges pretty quickly. But this is probably the case with most of these smartphones.

I am one hundred percent satisfied with the purchase, I recommend this product to everyone.

Some pros: Everything. This is the best smartphone ever used before (better than an apple) Has some cons Before the ate, the fingerprint scanner did not work well. Now everything is great.

The product is completely satisfied, performs its functions.

With its pros. Quality of materials, Operating system. Screen size. Durability I use 5 years Has cons: I use 5 years. The screen burned out. Moisture protection is bad, the selfie camera is fogged up. The speaker is not very loud and 1pc. The screen is scratched. Discharges quickly.

Beyond praise! The product definitely deserves your attention.

The device has a great feel in the hand, and I appreciate that you don't have to constantly turn on the screen to check the time thanks to the always-on feature. Those who are concerned about the device's battery life will be pleased to know that the screen can be dimmed or turned off entirely. As far as I'm concerned, that's a big win. I'm not referring to the screen's sharpness and contrast; those may be adjusted independently of where you sit. I was confused about Glonass; apparently it is. It's a radio from the Galaxy A series. When it comes to infrared, humor is the name of the game. The inclusion of a card slot makes it much more practical. The finger sensor has been returned to its pre-s5 state. Those who claim it is slower than on the iPhone are either lying or misinformed. You can enter the lock screen by pressing the main button once; a second push will unlock the device. We don't loiter on the lock screen until absolutely necessary; if that's the case, hit the scanner…

I like everything, the quality is good, the price is acceptable.

It's official: your Android phone can do just about anything a computer can. You're capable of doing all of your regular, daily responsibilities. Not on iOS, alas. My iPad has its uses, but Android has far more robust features. I wanted to replace my Mi5s with a Chinese phone and accidentally dropped it into a well. The Oneplus 3 was the clear winner, but I just couldn't get used to his camera. Before of that, however, I had watched tests and read reviews, and it was unanimously agreed upon, and clearly visible in the photos, that the Oneplus 3 camera is excellent. That turned out to be something soapy and unfocused in real life. The rest of the Oneplus 3 is unparalleled, but I had to switch to the S7 and live with its inferior camera. After a couple of months, I'll revisit the rating to see whether my thoughts have shifted. Before then - a tense quartet, primarily for the camera. While I wait for the modem to be completed in Nougat firmware, I am using black themes to help me adjust…

A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

I take a lot of pictures, and I'm sick of the fact that good shots frequently get lost because the camera on my phone isn't as reliable as it should be. That's the primary reason why I decided to take the phone with me: so that I can use the camera. This happened pretty often on my previous Samsung S5 and iPhone 5s. I have to admit that the Galaxy S7 exceeded my expectations in every way; the camera is fantastic. I specifically compared the photo quality to that of rather expensive compact cameras, and I even asked my friends to compare in order to remove any possibility of subjectivity. The photos taken by this camera are of a higher quality. It has a very fast shooting speed and maintains a high level of accuracy even in low light. In general, I have the opinion that the camera is excellent in every way. The speed of work in almost everything, including the shell, the browser, and applications, was very impressive to me. I was very happy with how quickly and smoothly everything…

I do not cease to rejoice at the purchase, a very good deal!

Once upon a time, I was the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S5, and after that, I traveled to a camp in China for almost a full year to test out the hrn3 pro. Now that I've upgraded, I'm using this device as my primary phone, and I'm keeping the previous one as a backup. It has a very attractive appearance. I had my last three phones in white, and for some reason the pot titanium one didn't appeal to me, so I specifically went for it in black when I bought my new phone. Platinum and pink in general were inhaled evenly throughout. Hence, the assembly is excellent; there are no backlashes, squeaks, or gaps, and everything is in its proper place. It functions very well, despite the fact that it was also written in Chinese. These days, the Android operating system works well on many different devices, which is something that could not be said literally two or three years ago. The quality of the camera is outstanding. The Koreans did an excellent job of optimizing the module, which means…

The product is working, but I will not repeat the purchase for sure.

Acquired as a replacement for an LG G4 that had passed away. Those individuals who want to have access to a high-quality camera on their phone at all times of the day and night, and not just during daylight hours, should steer clear of this option. Maybe I'm the only one who fell for such a slag chamber, but it didn't take long. One gets the idea that Samsung has achieved a name, a price, and has ceased following the raisins, trifles, and one wonders if perhaps they are already taking it, because of the brand! The Galaxy 7 as a whole is not seen as a flagship device, but rather as a typical phone that costs 10-15 thousand rupees, on average (you cannot overpay for it, but take it from the A series), and in some places it even feels like a gadget from the year 2022. In contrast to the LG G4, which had a total mat marriage. boards, but even after that device passed away (it served for more than a year), there have been only positive impressions thus far. On the second day after…