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Coinomi wallet

When It comes to users having preference for choice of where they can store their crypto asset there are multiple available choice of wallet to choose from in the market, although making necessary review about any wallet before storing your fund is to be taken with maximum priority. Coinomi wallet is considered to be one of the oldest wallet in crypto space today, dated since 2014 the wallet and it's team are proud of hack free service since it inception which I consider as a five star rating, one Important features users are to watch out for is security and Coinomi wallet got a high score in terms of security. Coinomi is an HD wallet which means on each transaction a new address will be generated so as to prevent tracking of users transaction and address its also uses an extra large security feature of phrase seed which when stored on lossing phone one can easily restore wallet using his backed up phrase seed, it's also integrate IP address blockers so that hackers trVer reseña completa

Logotipo de eos


EOS have been a crypto project I've been following for quite long now although the price of the token seems to be unstable recently I believe EOS has good market potential for it users, Interesting features I love about eos blockchain is it multiple available smart contract Dapps hosted on the blockchain, like games which are used for rewarding users. EOS is the seventh blockchain with over 3+ billion market capitalization it has held one of the highest initial coin offering program in the crypto space with over 4 billion coin generated on it's ICO. EOS went live in 2018 after holding a long ICO that generated billions of dollars to be blockchain network eos uses delegated proof of stake (DPos) which mean users like delegators can make decisive decision about the blockchain growth and development with these there won't be much market manipulation of the token. EOS blockchain was develop so as tackle some shortcomings in decentralize network by providing a better smart contract DaVer reseña completa

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Thanks to blockchain technology it has virtually made thousands of users today earn some extra income from performing various activities online ranging from bounty hunts and referral campaign also with these blockchain technology today users can earn from having fun online playing games between friends and loved ones. Splinterlands is a decentralized blockchain card collection game with these cards players can build reputation and strength which can be used to combat other players in battle arena. by increasing reputation players can collect card on the blockchain which can be sold to other users selling these card need no interference of other third party platform players can chose at their convenience to sell and exchange their card for other token. Splinterlands game can be accessed by users any where globally it is very scalable and can be accessed on web browser it has good UI with good graphics playing can be very fast without interruption. There are lots of intereVer reseña completa

Logotipo de binance coin

Binance coin

Binance Coin like most crypto exchange having their native token used for rewarding it users the Binance Coin servers as a token for rewarding it users by giving them special treatment such as having discount for making transaction being an ERC20 token base on ethereum blockchain the Binance coin has gained much market value having been among the most recognize exchange token with good market price. it has good market cap to attract more investors and traders it can be paired and traded with multiple crypto pair on the exchange Interestinly Binance coin are accepted and traded in other crypto base exchange platform. The coin can additionally be used for paying trading fee launched in 2018 with market supply of over million plus token BNB token don't support mining activities like other token, it is affiliated with a recognize exchange which makes BNB a secure investment asset for traders and investors.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de wirex eur

Wirex EUR card

Wirex EUR using Crypto currency to buy goods and services at fiat acceptance platforms are made possible with the inception of physical crypto holding cards with these card user are having access to spend and use their crypto base wallet link to their physical card to make transaction at various post and sales point. Interestinly Wirex EUR card is one of the Crypto support card that accept multiple crypto currencies, currencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, waves and more with these users can exchange these crypto currencies to fiat currency. using Wirex EUR card will require users first passing the platform verification process after these they can place for card order unlike other crypto supporting card Wirex EUR don't charge users for initial incurring fee there are monthly fee of $1.2 ATM fee of $2.0 support instant top up with daily limit of transaction up to $8,000 with an overall fee of 0.92% Users can be able to freeze card through their mobile device if their caVer reseña completa

Logotipo de polonidex


Being crypto enthusiast will give users choice and chance to select which exchange will be best for them to either trade or transact their received token/coin although users have in time fall victim of dubious exchange it's always advisable before engaging in any exchange to make basic and necessary research here's my finding on PoloniDEX it has no bad review, so far trading activities conducted on the exchange are very transparent no price manipulate, Interestinly the exchange is an affiliate with a popular exchange Poloniex exchange which gives it a solid transparent criteria in sight of investors/traders. For new users and pro traders in the crypto space PoloniDEX is a scalable crypto to crypto exchange platform because of it flexibility it offers users a non custodial access use which means users when they create their account are sole responsible for their account basic security you're in absolute control of your trading account, in essence it's a decentralize trading plVer reseña completa

Logotipo de bitpay usd

Bitpay USD card

With the use of physical crypto debit card users today can make convenient seamless transaction at various fiat currency accepting centers today these where made possible due to the current existence of Crypto debit card which can be used to easily converter crypto currencies to fiat currency. BitPay USD is likely to be compared with a master card BitPay USD card can be assessed by users in over 40 countries it can be used for making transaction at ATM post centers also using PoS post it can be used to send and receive payment currently the card support few crypto coins with USD as the major currency, support exchange or conversion of crypto to fiat and vise versa. to get started with using the card initial deposit will be made on the bitpay app which will give users access to request for a physical card BitPay USD card support instant top up of Crypto currency there is also available feature for users to reload account when out of fund using the card at PoS point giveVer reseña completa

Logotipo de coinbase card

Coinbase card

Coinbase in April 2019 the crypto company made an announcement of introduction a physical base card which it's users can use for making transaction and conversion of Crypto to fiat currency and vise versa, although card is available for few country users today. Using the Coinbase Card will first require having account with coinbase passing level 2 verification and also have some amount of either BTC, ETH and more on your coinbase wallet. On successfully having and filling out the required requirements users can place order for physical card which can be delivered in few business working days. Like all other cards there are charges for incurring card with additional fee for conversion, making transaction at atm and monthly maintenance fee which are charged. with the card and direct connection to app users can send crypto currency to anyone around the world make contactless transaction, available features for users to freeze card when they suspect any irregular transactioVer reseña completa

Logotipo de metamask

MetaMask wallet

An interesting feature about MetaMask wallet is it's available feature for it users to interact with other decentralized application Dapp directly from the web base browser wallet. as new beginners or pro crypto enthusiast explore the crypto space they will realize the importance/use of wallet is indispensable it's like having a bank account where you will be storing your cash, having a good wallet will basically determined the security of your Crypto asset MetaMask is an ERC20 ethereum base wallet which support ethereum base token both native and coins. Unlike other applications base wallet MetaMask support basically web browser like chrome, brave browser, firefox and more although it also support mobile application, the wallet connect to those browser which enable storage of wallet password on such browsers which all purchase of ethereum base token, it's an open source wallet which means it's has open source coding that can be access by anyone it has multiple users OveVer reseña completa

Logotipo de blockchain wallet

Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain Wallet has been my first base crypto wallet and I would say using these wallet is very good as it has few features which are easy for newbies to understand getting started with my Crypto journey this wallet was my first choice although I'm having other alternative wallet today. Get a new wallet account will require users email and either phone number which can be used for verification purposes being a decentralized blockchain wallet makes it a non custodial wallet which means all accounts when created are in completely control by user with your wallet 12 phrase key kept safe and secure you can always have access to your wallet even when you misplace your phone. There are different security level level 1 security phase includes create your account with email and you 12 phrase recovery key which can be used to always recover forgotten password. Level 2 security includes creating 2FA authentication and also linking account with phone numbers and email so as Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de okex


OKEx is considered to be among the world top leading Crypto to Crypto exchange platform founded in 2017 with offices in Malta, Hong Kong, Beijing and Malaysia. these exchange have proven to be a transparent financial exchange for traders and investors. There have been some issues with users account on OKEx where account where frozen from suspected account fund withdrawal these was done to prevent further loss of users fund since inception the exchange have not been breached by hacking activities with these users and new investors can be sure of their account security to create and start using account with OKEx users verification using various verification card will be required users fund on OKEx are stored using cold wallet which makes it hard for hackers to penetrate. Compatibility with browser although there are complaint from users about it's mobile application slow response when trading. like most exchange platform OKEx has it native token which can be used for rewarding trVer reseña completa

Logotipo de abcc

ABCC exchange

ABCC exchange was founded in mid 2018 the exchange platform have stood out amongst other competitive exchange and have been delivering the best to it user, like other exchange ABCC have some limitations and also there are good important features about the platform which will make users stick to the exchange. ABCC exchange do not offer margin trading, no fiat currency deposit, among these will be reasons why some traders will look for alternative exchange no API on trading although the exchange have not been attack by any online threat with these we can say the exchange are mindful of users security and all account are held with high priority, it's available on mobile application both for android and ISO with incredible UI it's a licensed and registered exchange platform which have trust of multiple users. Interestinly getting started with an account on ABCC is quite easy with a valid email and number users can create their account and start trading straight up without KYCVer reseña completa

Logotipo de binance

Binance exchange

To start my review on Binance exchange I will say through many months of using this exchange I've not encounter any difficulty or problem as I've conducted countless transaction of different crypto pairs with fast processing speed, Interestinly to get started with exchange and trading on the platform user can execute trading activities without KYC verification although there are some limitations in other to enjoy unlimited transaction and have a more secure account verification using KYC and user ID card will be required. the exchange support spot trading, margin trading and future trading due to support for multiple crypto pairs on Binance I mostly use Binance platform to convert new crypto token which can have market value in near future. Binance exchange support wallet for users to store their crypto asset new token and coins are listed on the exchange daily which makes this exchange an attractive platform for both investors and traders. millions of transaction arVer reseña completa

Logotipo de poloniex


Poloniex exchange is one of the major and recognized crypto/fiat base exchange platform that have been operating since 2014 I've been using these exchange for couple of months now, I would say base on my experience the platform is very transparent and credible for use. Users around the world can access the exchange from mobile device which is compatible with both android and ISO device Interestinly users can also perform their basic trading activities from browser which gives the impression that Poloniex is very scalable and flexible with software apps and browsers. Although the exchange have been prone to online theft where users fund were move despite all these the exchange have stood out among major recommended exchange platforms today, it support two factor authentication system with API key users privacy and account are highly out into consideration. Basically Poloniex is a crypto to crypto base exchange with new advancement the platform in 2019 support fiat currency eVer reseña completa

Logotipo de litecoin


Litecoin is one of the oldest crypto coin created since 2011 base on bitcoin blockchain protocol is also recognize among the major and popular crypto coin used by both traders and investors today it's listed in virtually all Crypto base exchange platform. Litecoin is similar to bitcoin blockchain transaction but there are some small changes which are introduced into the blockchain network which includes fast block transaction time, different hashing algorithm which allow users to mine more conveniently, litecoin is also known for low transaction fee which process large amount of transaction with little fee. Litecoin security system is highly secured and well advance being a blockchain base network makes it really hard for users transaction to be tempered with users privacy are considered with high priority. Litecoin market price has greatly appreciate these few days there are much speculation that the coin price could surge even higher it's a popular competitive coin in theVer reseña completa

Logotipo de ethereum


Ethereum is the second most popular crypto coin today which has the second highest market capitalization being a DeFi base blockchain which support smart contract Dapp ethereum has been know for it's flexibility and scalability in terms of offering users fast transaction speed, although over the past few months the blockchain platform have struggled to manage high traffic congestion on the blockchain network which have led to introducing new version of ethereum blockchain which is know as ETH 2.0 With the new ETH 2.0 there have been multiple features which have been added on the platform. 1. PoW/PoS with these new features ethereum blockchain support smart contract Dapp with staking feature in which investors can stake ethereum base token and earn from staking. 2. shard chain with these feature transaction on ethereum will be handle with fast processing speed. 3. Additional interesting features about ethereum blockchain is wide acceptability of the crypto coin by large numVer reseña completa

Logotipo de revain


 Hi today I would love write about revain a transparent platform which pays users for writing credible content i.e base one their experience take for instance if Mr A, makes either deposit on any exchange and along the line there was either technical problem or he was charged above the stipulated amount Mr A can use revain platform to lay complain and also from his sheared experience other users can read Mr A review from revain platform and either stay away from a such platform or reach the exchange so that the management can make basic change. With the above explain detail in simpler term revain platform is. 1. A transparent blockchain base platform for writing reviews 2. Users from different region across the globe can registered and shear their experience 3. support one language which is english for writing reviews 4. all written review should be base on users experience 5. being a blockchain base platform written article cannot be modified or deleted once published, Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de scopuly


About Scopuly, first users should take note the web platform is very active and fully operating as some users claim the web platform is down. About Scopuly, first users should take note the web platform is very active and fully operating as some users claim the web platform is down. Scopuly is a stellar blockchain network where users can store, send/receive crypto asset conduct decentralized trading of different crypto pairs exchange crypto to fiat currency interested users can equally analyze and explore the stellar blockchain, the network is focused on fast reliable block transaction with low and fast transaction speed, Interestinly Scopuly allows users to launch their personal crypto token on the platform with IEO campaign for users to also invest in IEO projects in general Scopuly provide an avenue where users can perform multiple task using one application such as trading, basic transaction storing, sending, receiving of crypto asset exploring stellar blockchain creatinVer reseña completa

Logotipo de xrp


 Hi I would love to make an important review on XRP I would share some interesting review base on my experience about the digital token my first purchase of XRP was late 2020 where I made purchase from a crypto base exchange platform initial I had no idea about the normal charge of 20xrp which is a normal way of securing the digital network security. For a new users when buying XRP token for the first time you should take note of initial charge of extra 20 XRP which will be deducted from your bought token. Ripple also known as XRP is an open source payment system and digital currency the digital payment system was initiated with the aim of tackling regular payment system such as helping users easy rigorous process involved in making/conducting transaction from either paypal and other western union system which makes inconsiderate charges and restrictions for making payments to other regional users. In general also ripple aims to work with banking system in other to facilitate croVer reseña completa

Logotipo de trust wallet

Trust wallet

Trust wallet One important aspect every crypto user/holder will be considering when buying his or her first crypto currency is wallet to securely store their asset with this most users have actually loss their asset when they use the wrong wallet to safe their coins Wallet are like our personal bank account which are used for saving money and for any individual to take his money for deposit in any financial sectors they need to first check credibility of such bank before making any necessary moves. I would love to share my little experience about trust wallet, it's a hot wallet used for storing multiple crypto currency interestingly the wallet support users to create customized token which means that if a particular token is not listed on the wallet users can easily add those token to the wallet. So far since the launch of this wallet it has not been subject to any hack theft of any means with this I can say it's a well recommended wallet for users to store their asseVer reseña completa

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