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Splinterlands was introduced to me by a friend and I found out that it is decentralized collectible card game built on the blockchain, it was released in 2018 and it was aimed at deck building and tactical battle construction. It is fun playing Splinterlands and based on cryptocurrency ledger technology, you as a player own your cards which you can trade and sell at will and you can determine whether a particular set of cards are scarce and valuable. It is a player to player battling and because of its active community and frequent updates, you can easily have a match in a twinkle of an eye and you can play in daily quests or tournaments to earn cryptocurrencies . Splinterlands is fun to play and habit-forming and a bit easy to grasp its methodology with good user interface experience and if you are seeking fun in playing cryptocurrency game then I reccomend Splinterlands to you and to start with you will need to buy your first set of cards with $10 also it doesn't have a free trial game.
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No more blockchain, the best and new tech is Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph is the coin which constitutes huge part of my portfolios in crypto currency investment. Actually, we can separete this coin from the other btc,eth,ltc or ada because HBAR is using the new technology which called Hashgraph. This technology solves problems of three main trilemma of blockchain technology which consist of scalabality, security and decentralization. Also, hashgraph system is faster than any blockchain technology (coins). The only disadvantage of investing to HBAR is max and total supply of this coin is too much to see more than 2-3 dollars. Moreover, their Supply percentage is 30 percent right now. The investments can go up but if they will supply more, the price will not change or will decrease. To sum up, their technology and their vision is perfect, there is only disadvantage is supply but we can handle it.
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Asian exchange that allows the use of fiat currencies but has drawbacks

This cryptocurrency exchange is developed and registered in Hong Kong, which is an epicenter in cryptocurrency trading due to certain known competitors. In addition, they offer an application available for Android and iOS that we can download from their respective stores. The beneficial thing is that we can trade anonymously, we will have low-cost operations, multiple access to pairs of cryptocurrency operations and transfer or deposit of money from bank accounts. However, LBank is focused mostly on the Asian market and the English language of the website is limited in information in that version, so it will lose important customers. Regarding security, despite not being an exchange that is regulated, I found that it provides cold wallet storage of funds, two-factor authentication and uses SSL encrypted servers. We can make transactions in fiat currency, as well as withdraw or deposit money through the Chinese Yuan or US Dollar using our bank accounts.
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