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David O.

David Olayide

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I'm a crypto enthusiast.
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Logotipo de kucoin

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that was established in 2017. The exchange platform supports a large variety of about 200 different coins that ate available for trading. When I first logged in to the website of the platform, I remember feeling amazed and I had a very nice experience using it. Registration is simple and uncomplicated. Honestly, the entire graphic of the pages and the web design was really attractive. It was designed in such a way that any new trader will feel comfortableand will not get lost or confused while using the KuCoin website. If there is one thing I love about KuCoin, it’s the transaction speed which is very fast. There is no delay when you want to trade or convert your crypto to another crypto. Everything works very smoothly. There are a lot of features on the KuCoin website that attracts different investors to make use of the platform for their trading activities. I should know this because I was definitely attracted. The KYC is one of the features that I’m talking about. The KYC feature is entirely optional and you can choose whether or not you want to do it. If you are a small volume trader then you can carry on your trading without a KYC registration. To get started on the KuCoin exchange platform, just click on the sign up button, and fill in your email, phone number and a password. After submitting, you should receive a verification code through your email or phone.A lot of traders around the world use KuCoin to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies so this makes the trading volume very high. Trust me when I say that you cannot run out of trading pairs on the exchange. You will find over 300 trading pairs which you can pick from very comfortably. Depositing of cryptocurrency is free and there are no charges for that. KuCoin accepts some mainstream currency like USD and CAD but unfortunately, it does not accept fiat currencies. Another feature of KuCoin is that you trade anonymously. You won’t be identified when you’re trading. There are many reasons to like and use the KuCoin exchange platform. Personally, I had a good experience and I will encourage anyone to make use of the simple and beautifully designed exchange platform to trade their cryptocurrencies. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ton bridge

We live in a world of expanding technological innovations and expansions, with more and more projects working to become as relatable as possible in the cryptocurrency community. Truth be told, we need projects that are multifaceted these days. Projects need to have a very useful interface to allow us interact with them. The Free TON blockchain project, is a very innovative project that has ultimately garnered a lot of interest. Additionally, it also happens that cryptocurrency affiliated projects, with cross-chain capabilities, are very much appreciated. Free TON is one of such projects. The TON Bridge was developed by the same company responsible for making the TON Crystal Wallet a real deal. What this bridge essentially does, is to create a kind of link or as it were, a bridge to connect both the Ethereum blockchain, and the Free TON blockchain together in one seamless transaction. I personally feel this is a good thing, as it would generally be beneficial for a project like Free TON, to partner up with some other solid project. TON Bridge is a very nice and innovative ideas, that allows users or investors to move their assets from one network to the other very easily. There can only be a smooth transfer when it comes to moving your resources across both Blockchains. Owning the Bridge token gives the holder of such tokens a host of opportunities, such as voting rights over administrative decisions. Investors can also transfer funds from Ethereum network to the Free TON network as well and this is made possible with the use of TON Bridge. To use the TON Bridge, you’re going to have to download the TON Crystal Wallet to be able to use the TON Bridge. future remains bright for the Free TON cryptocurrency project with the low commissions as well as opportunities to engage in activities like yield farming. So like I said the potentials are almost endless, and it would make a lot of sense to engage in the system while it’s still growing. One last point I would like to make is about the challenges investors face with the Ethereum network. Most obvious and problematic of these challenges, are the issues of scalability and the very high costs of transactions. But now, with the link or bridge between both Ethereum and Free TON, these problems can now become a thing of the past. This is another reason why the TON Bridge project is very much useful and viable. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ton crystal wallet

The TON blockchain has a mobile wallet! Of course you weren’t expecting that such a cryptocurrency project like Free TON, would leave it’s users and enthusiastic investors stranded with no options on how to store their tokens did you? Well the good news is that, the TON Crystal Wallet is a wallet made to operate with the TON blockchain, offering anyone who has the cryptocurrency, a safe place to safely store and spend the coins. Now this wallet is a little bit different from the wallets you’re used to. By this I mean that the TON Crystal Wallet, is built as an extension to the Chrome browser and this makes it very easy to use indeed. Since the wallet is attached to the Chrome web browser this is no issue of you having to go through the process of downloading the app from any app store. You have your browser running and all you have to do is search for the wallet extension on the chrome store and add or attach it to your web browser. No stress at all. Sign-in is a very simple affair and you shouldn’t encounter any problems at all. When I personally added the TON Crystal Wallet extension to my Chrome browser, I immediately got access to my account and the registration was done in less than 2 minutes. Make sure to keep your recovery codes because of security reasons. I was presented with a very simple and easy to use interface and I had almost no trouble navigating the wallet and getting used to it’s functions. After setting up your passwords as an additional security feature, you will of course be able to make use of some features of this wallet which includes the activating of other cryptocurrency assets supported by the wallet and gain access to the addresses of these assets which you can then copy in order to receive them into the wallet. I noticed that the TON Crystal Wallet also affords you the ability to add other supported custom assets and tokens otherwise not listed already. This would be done manually as expected. However I find that the list of supported cryptocurrencies or digital assets on the TON Crystal Wallet is quite limited, and not as many as it should be. With time of course, there could be additions to the list of supported digital assets on the wallet. Overall, the TON Crystal Wallet is a very good mobile wallet extension, easy and simple to use, with an appropriately designed interface. The wallet keeps you in charge of your own cryptocurrency and there are no incursions into the privacy of your private wallet. You are totally responsible for the safety of your assets, so I can not but fail to emphasize that you must securely store your seed phrases securely, most preferably on hardware. Losing it could mean losing your heard earned digital assets. It would be fair to acknowledge the risk that comes with using an internet based or affiliated mobile storage wallet. The internet as well as wallets, mobile accounts and the likes, are vulnerable to attacks from hackers. So it would be wise for the investor to this fact into consideration while making a choice on the wallet and the amount to store. Each user should user his/her discretion Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de free ton

A couple of years back I happened to come across this cryptocurrency affiliated project names TON, but I paid very little or no attention to what the was all about. I did notice however, that it was being handled by the persons or group of person who were responsible for the social media application known as Telegram. Fast forward to some years later, and again I happen to stumble on this same Free TON project. I personally am not going to wait for a third time chance encounter, so I decided to take a peek into the deeper parts of the project. The aim of my research being majorly to gain more insight into the structure and internal working parts of the TON cryptocurrency project. To set matters straight and simple, it would be quite easier to approach the description of this project by giving some clear, concise and relatable definitions of the key features of this project, that could actually serve as the pillars for the structure of the project. In partial fulfillment of keeping things very simple, I will go ahead to describe the TON project, as global blockchain network which is totally decentralized. Decentralization is fast becoming a very necessary and important core feature of any sustainable and most trusted applications and projects today. The Free TON project in particular, came into operation in May 2020 when it was launched on the TON OS. One thing however caught my attention about the decentralization of this project. Decentralization in the world of cryptocurrency should ordinarily mean that there are no centralized figures or heads responsible for making or taking decisions on behalf of the network. Sadly though upon closer examination, it is possible to discover that a vast majority of projects which claim to be decentralized today, only operate a very partial form of decentralization. At the heart of these projects, you will discover that there are patches of centralization here and there, no matter how small it might be. Free TON however has come up with an efficient way to solve this problem. The use of a community on making and reaching decisions is the solution Free TON has proffered to the problem of centralization. So there we have a totally decentralized and community backed project supported by a community around the world. There, we have Free TON supported by a community of over thirty thousand supporters worldwide who are contributing to the network’s blockchain on a daily basis. Free TON utilizes something called the Meritocratic Token Distribution model (MTD). This model offers a community of participants working together to reach and make decisions that affect the network. A jury is also present as well. Another intriguing part of the project I find to be particularly interesting is the fact that token are no minutes and distributed as in other projects. On Free TON, token distribution follows the due process of meritocracy. By employing the use of the Soft Majority Voting system, anyone at all can make a proposal which the community can vote on, and this is a very transparent voting process. Something else begs to be noticed when it comes to this project, and that's it's the matter of transaction speeds. The Free TON blockchain is highly scalable and has the power to run ten 5housand transactions per second. This is a really impressive figure and most of the popular and existing projects already existing, can’t boast of such an impressive feat. It is also important to mention that Free TON open source as well. From a positive point of view and from my research about the Free TON project, I can say personally, that the Free TON blockchain is quite capable of making great and revolutionary changes to the cryptocurrency or blockchain industries. If given time and support the potentials could be limitless and the benefits will no doubt be enjoyed. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bitmart

Bitmart is a global cryotocurrency exchange platform that clients or users can make use of when carrying out transactions. BitMart hails from the Cayman Island and was made public in March 2018. This exchange platform like so many others, is used by a lot of people to conduct quick and seamless transaction operations without hitches. The Bitmart exchange platform offers about six different languages and also has a mobile application that can be used on both Windows Mac, and android devices. Meanwhile, the exchange platform has its very own ERC20 token called BMX. The use of this token allows for bonuses, reductions in transaction fees and other privileges. When I saw their well designed graphical user interface I was impressed. You can easily get beneficial information that shows you the market and trading volume. On Bitmart it is possible to buy your crypto with a debit card like MasterCard or Visa. There is support for fiat currencies unlike other exchange platforms. This makes it very easy to transact on Bitmart. Popular cryptocurrencies like Btc, Eth, Ltc and others can easily be found there. Then in terms of security, Bitmart cops a B rate on security analysis and this is rather impressive. Now even though the platform is yet to gain a massive following or usage, it is amazing they have so much to offer. I for one, will definitely make use of the platform to my satisfaction. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de browspop

BrowsPop is an online based retail store outlet that specializes in retailing beauty affiliated products such as precision brow pens, and also indulges in the sale of hair waxing material as well. Face cleanser products, finishing hair stick, black head removers, among other products and accessories, are some of the items that BrowsPop offers for sale to consumers worldwide. It is possible to make your orders online, and have them delivered to your address even if it is in a different country. BrowsPop actually ships its products internationally, to over 190 different countries which is really a good thing as you can now order for your favorite or needed products. The best part about this yet, is the fact that you do not have to pay a fine for the shipping fees. According to the website the shipping fees are totally free of charge! There is also a refund policy that gives you the option to return a product within 30 days if receiving it. The product must be unused, and must be in it’s packaging for you to receive a refund. For payment options, all major credit cards are accepted. This includes both MasterCard and Visa as well Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de melanin palace

So naturally we all want to look good all the time. We all want to look up best when ever we are going out or if we want to engage in some activity for the other so it's quite natural for us to engage the use of beauty products. These beauty products could either be hair products or other such beauty products as well. Melanin Palace is an online retailer for beauty products and when I visited the website I discovered that it was filled predominantly with beauty products for women although men products are also available on the site. The products you can find on the store range from hair weaves to hair care products, virgin hair, hair dyes and hair styling accessories. Basically, they offer very good products that can be trusted. I really liked the website design for the store because it was simple to navigate and the descriptions for the products online were accurate so the user interface was very okay. Additionally, the prices for the products you can purchase online, were not too expensive or exorbitant. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de meschain

Every single day we continue to discover more and more important use cases for the blockchain technology. So far the usefulness of the blockchain technology can not be overemphasized and it is very vital that we continue to explore as many options as possible in the search for better and fulfilling technology. Taking a look at what has already been achieved, it might not be out of place to suggest that this is just a tip of the iceberg. There is a lot which we are yet to see or achieve with the implementation of the blockchain technology to various and multiple sectors. So far the experience has been good. That being said, there are a lot of cryptocurrency based projects which provides brilliant solutions to nanny of the issues and challenges faced across multiple sectors of the human industry and finance or in the manufacturing sectors the projects to be reviewed in this article is the MesChain cryptocurrency affiliated project. The project plans to contribute to the development of the business industry with the use of innovative technology and also facilitates decentralization with the help of blockchain community. The manufacturing sector is a very important part of the economy and so it deserves the very best solutions as well. Digital Manufacturing requires a well-defined methodology for managing manufacturing operations and data coming straight from the plant floor. The raw materials used in the process of manufacturing are on the rise. A highly competitive global market as well a increasing regulatory concerns are other problems. For a lot of companies to succeed, there has to be a strategic cut of waste, and an increase in quality and as well as monitoring production processes. The MesChain project plans to rectify these various issues by implementing it’s well thought out technology plans. Thee MES coins are available for purchase and sale, at CoinTiger cryptocurrency exchange platform. MES coins have a maximum supply of 7 Billion. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de mobilityequip

MobilityEquip specializes in providing e-wheels also known as electric mobility equipment, and when I came across this online based mobility company I decided to look it up. Basically, they offer to the general consumer public, reliable, quality-proven mobility equipment devices, parts and accessories from major brands such as Invacare, Medline, Drive Medical, Fabrication Enterprises, Briggs and more. MobilityEquip it happens, works directly with the main mobility equipment brands in the market, both large and small. It also happens to be the case that the company does not employ the use of middlemen, because they are also the official representatives and distributors. I see this as a very nice thing because it is very direct in nature. MobilityEquip could be the right mobility equipment outlet for you given the wealth of experience and knowledge that the company has in the area. This knowledge has led facilitated the provision of several options in the company’s online catalog, with a wide range of products, which we are constantly updating, so that you can find what you need. Additionally, my research about the company brought me in touch with their official website, and I can say that it was quite easy to navigate. The descriptions made perfect sense, and you can find almost anything you’re looking for immediately and without stress at all. The website is also very secure, but if you prefer to place an order by phone, you can do so, and receive help immediately. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de marc's mobility

wWhere would we be today without mobility? Mobility is one of the most important advancements in human history, made possible by advancements in technology. We can cover great distances now using less power or physical energy, as well as save a lot of time. Vehicles or other mobility devices and machines save us a lot of stress theses days. In the busy world we have around us today, everyone deserves to be mobile. No one should be left out of this important feature of life. There are considerations for people who are disabled or faced with health challenges and thus cannot move about as freely as people who are not disabled. Hence the development of mobile carriers such as wheelchairs to provide mobility for disabled people. Looking at it from the bright side, we now have motorized or electric wheelchairs and scooters to help transport disables people. Marc's Mobility, is an example of one such companies involved in the production of these mobility vehicles. The company strives to ensure that they meet all of their customers’ needs and work to provide top-notch services for handicap scooters. As the claim, all of their equipment is in excellent condition, but also fairly priced and they also boast of offering outstanding quality for these equipment. Marc’s Mobility is basically family owned, and has been operating in the power scooter sector since 1995. I found it pretty interesting to note that the company also offers digital services when it comes to electric wheelchair scooters for sale. You can buy whatever you want online with entirely no need to go to their actual shop. They can help you find a mobile wheelchair right near you, no matter where in the country you are which is a big relief. The company is doing quite well and they keep growing gradually. So this is a very good option to consider when shopping for mobility equipment such as scooters or electric wheelchairs. Ver reseña completa

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