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About H-FARM

Each year H-FARM runs industry-focused accelerators with the aim to select, support and invest in emerging early-stage and market-ready startups. All programs take place in H-Farm Campus, an innovation hub where selected startups experience an immersive 4-month program, surrounded by ventures at different stages, corporations, business leaders, mentors and investors.H-FARM provides to each startup an all-inclusive investment package of seed investment, room&board, working facilities, acceleration services: mentorship, workshops & seminars, deals from tech partners, business network, Demo Day.Our Accelerators are supported by a world-class network of Industry Partners to give startups privileged access to these industry leaders: our objective is to reinforce the relationship between startups and corporates and provide mutual benefits for both parties.Moreover, trough its Venture Capital Arm, H-FARM invest in European startups with global ambitions in the fields of SaaS and consumer internet.

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My review on H FARM...

This platform works to create projects that support investment and business consulting and is considered one of the systems that have created new ways and new perspectives of the world as an ecosystem and an immediate accelerator. It also, in...See full review

H FARM is the strongest accelerator in Europe

rrIt is a startup accelerator program that has developed itself by providing guidance and financial and economic support for initial projects and has also partnered with internationally known companies and is also famous for camping programs...See full review

H-FARM Initial Review.

Thus, the company annually develops H-FARM, industry-oriented accelerators, with the goal of selecting, supporting, and investing in H-FARM, start-up and market-ready initiatives. With its success, Programs and Programs is taking place in H-Farm...See full review

H-Farm Incubator programs brings the best out of an Idea

H-Farm accelerator program is one positioned in the European market to produce innovative products from ideas of entrepreneurs. The accelerator program they have created has seen many established projects, get more interaction, funding, networking...See full review

H-Farm Review

It takes more than finance to start up a business but that is what most people who are going into one business or the other think and this is why most business never grow or become successful, since the proper mindset/plan of establishing a...See full review

H-FARM: 4 months of acceleration at hfarm campus

Located in Italy, specifically in Venice, another good accelerator incubator company that unfortunately is paralyzed by the global problem of the pandemic, since all its programming is not only face to face, but takes place in what I would call a...See full review

My review about H-Farm

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about H-Farm. H-Farm is a modern company created in 2005. The company, which has 14 years of experience, has been able to improve itself over these years. There are also schools owned by the company, I...See full review

Produce technology for a sustainable world

H-FARM is a company that provides support for entrepreneurs with the project. This company supports and consults the projects of entrepreneurs at all stages from seed to A +. H-FARM company has its own communities. These communities...See full review

It is an innovation leader company in Europe.

H-FARM, this entrepreneurship platform started serving 16 years ago. Their work is really high quality and great. It is a platform that adopts an understanding that entrepreneurship, innovation and education should go hand in hand. An innovation...See full review

H-farm is diversified in its selection of start-up

H-farm is an accelerator/incubator company based in Europe. It was established in 2005 and is a company that is unique in the methodology adopted in mentoring start-up entrepreneurs. It combines business with education and offers 4 month long...See full review